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Assignment 1
Social Performance, Part 1
Sharon D. Griffin
Professor Chantel Upshur-Myles
Business and Society
November 7, 2012
Strayer University, Augusta Campus

As the CEO of Griffin Behavioral Health Center, My responsibilities include reporting to the Community Service Board on a monthly basis. These meetings consist of management planning, policy making and formulating resources to benefit the community. Other consortium meetings are held quarterly which involves local government officials and community advocates. They have the power to approve or deny laws and regulations which can have an impact on the agency, or other areas of the agency. The staff works in a cohesive fashion to augment efficient services for our various services.
Our agency pays strict attention to the mandates of the U. S. Corporate Sentencing Guidelines, to protect all participants from any legal culpability.

Benchmarking Codes of Conduct
I am the new CEO of a Behavioral Health Agency; we are governed by a Community Service Board that consists of a group of board members. We are required to meet with these board members on a monthly basis in reference to the daily functions of the agency. Our agency provides services to the community such as Substance Abuse victims, Individuals with Mental Health issues, MR DD Mental Retardation, providing housing for the homeless and much more. Our goal is to help our Individual’s function in the community.
The agency’s primary stakeholders are consumers, employees, the media, social and environmental activists, and non-governmental organizations. Each of these participants has a relationship with the agency, based on ongoing interactions. Customers, for their part, are most interested in gaining fair value and quality in exchange for the price of goods and services. Suppliers, likewise, wish to receive fair compensation for…...

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Elle Fanning | 18 December | Chap 128