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Business Communication Trends
Business communication can be defined as any type of verbal or written communication inside a business or organization. It could be used to promote the organization’s products or the organization itself, or it could be to pass down information to all employees. And just like everything in people’s lives, these means of communication has been influenced and are constantly changing by technology in all its forms. Back in the day, besides verbal, every business communication was made by written memos and letters. Today’s business communication has become a totally different interaction due to all the changes and new available technology, like email, web based pages, share network folders, teleconferencing and videoconferencing.
These five forms of communication are the main one used at a “Support Group” in the US Army. A support group is the unit that takes care of all the needs of their subordinate units, needs like food, supplies, medical, transportation, water, etc. In order to fulfill those needs the support group has to communicate on a daily basis with every subordinate unit’s sections to get the accurate information. After gathering all the information, it arranges the movements to fulfill the needs, and finally have to report every move with specific details to higher Head Quarters.
Communication by email is the main form while working for a support group, this type of communication is constant along with the phone. Is the perfect way to gather all the needed information, the requesting party send the demand by email and most times it can be send to multiple recipients since is the same information that is requested to every unit. To make sure the recipient got the communication “outlook” give an option of “read receipt” which will send an email back to the sender as soon the recipient reads it. And of course, it allows the…...

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