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Christian Education
DR.JT. Roberson
Final Examination
December 7, 2011
Robin Johnson

1. How was Christian Education conducted for African Americans during slavery and while was operational?
Christianity and Education was of utmost importance to the African culture. Africans came to America with a rich and dynamic heritage, which they tried to preserve. Black religion, like Black people, began in Africa. In trying to find a starting point of Christian Education, many scholars believe it may be found in the sacred text of the New Testament. Africa’s contribution to Black religion is well known and John Jackson is an advocate of this position. He has cited several legacies of Egypt to Christianity. Education was an experience that was required by each person in a tribe. The community to which one belonged defined what it meant to be human. To be human was to belong to a community and participate in beliefs, rituals, and ceremonies of that community. African Education was the oral instruction that emerged through their music, dance, folk tales, rituals, proverbs, poetry, and so on. These tools served as instruction. Slaves during the Antebellum Period formed new ideas and practices on their own that pronounced longing for freedom. These meetings were held in the brush harbors and praise houses, and were thus coined the “invisible church”. Story and song were the sources of education during this period of slavery. This oral communication was used as the education structure and was indispensable.

2. What role, if any, do the following items play in African American Christian Religious Education?

The African American Pastor
Hill makes the claim “The Black pastor as teacher is the most important leader in the educational ministry of the Black Church”. I agree, to a certain extent with Hill that the Black Pastor is the most important leader in the…...

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