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1. What factors contribute to the rapid pace of change in business? Is the pace likely to accelerate or decrease over the next decade? Why? (Your opinion, supported by reasoning, not just a list from the text) 2. What role does entrepreneurship play in the economy? Who stands to gain from the success of individual entrepreneurs? How do other parties benefit? 3. When did American business begin to concentrate on customer needs? Why?
4. What are the factors of production? (list with a definition) How can economies grow when one or more of the factors is weak? 5. What are the fundamental elements of the free market/capitalist system? What are the fundamental rights of capitalism? How can businesses thrive within this system? (Explain) 6. Describe the key principles of socialist and communist economic systems. Does more government control mean less economic opportunity? Why or why not? 7. Why do most countries have neither “pure” market nor “pure” planned economies? Is the trend toward the market end of the spectrum likely to continue? Why? 8. What is an ethical dilemma? (define) 9. Think of a time you faced an ethical dilemma at work, at school, or at home. Be sure to choose a situation in which you had to choose between two options, each with negative consequences for you or someone else. What values were involved? What choice did you make? What was the impact on each party involved? Would you make the same choice if you were faced with a similar situation today? Why or why not?re the factors of production? (list with a definition) How can economies grow when one or more of the factors is weak?…...

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...Legal Forms Of Business Susan Greene American Intercontinental University Busn 105 5/4/13 Legal Forms Of Business Susan Greene American Intercontinental University Abstract The main purpose of writing this document is to explain all of the legal forms of business and to also explain the three different organizations that there are in a company and all of the similarities and differences that are in each organization. Being an inventor the first order of business is that he needs to apply for a patent so that he has all the right to the invention. After getting the patent in place this will allow the invention to be protected and it also give the inventor the exclusive rights to sell his/her product, license for any further distribution without the consent of the inventor. Next the inventor needs to take into consideration the type of business that I want and why it would benefit people every day. To be able to do this the inventor needs to know all of the different types of businesses and to then decide which one that would be best to use for starting out, and also what strengths and weaknesses each type of business has. The first one is Sole Proprietorship and it would be a good choice for a person that is looking to start out from scratch but there is a lot of risk to doing that. It’s really easy to start up and it usually incorporates a skill, hobby or mindset that an individual or individuals might have. (Editorial Board, 2011, P.44).......

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...Business Now: Change Is the Only Constant Review Questions 1. What factors contribute to the rapid pace of change in business? Is the pace likely to accelerate or decrease over the next decade? Why? Human resources, capital, natural resources entrepreneurship, and technology. its likely to increase because all of these factors continue to increase 2. What role does entrepreneurship play in the economy? Who stands to gain from the success of individual entrepreneurs? How do other parties benefit? It is a key to the economy all economies support it all of them can gain from it when a new Business is started Businesses can decrease the workplace environment and not pay all employees but it does provide more jobs 3. When did American business begin to concentrate on customer needs? Why? Around the relationship era because satisfied customers became advocates for a business spreading the word 4. How do nonprofit organizations compare to businesses? What role do nonprofits play in the economy? How do they interact with businesses? Non profits are Business like but their primary goal does not include profits nonprofits are not in the Business for financial gain Businesses focus on things that will gain profit. The profit that goes to non profit orgs is used to better the community or charities in the Business case it goes to owners 5. What...

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...Ch 1 Assign - Business Now: Change is the Only Constant 1. According to the text book there are four main factors that contribute to the rapid pace of change in business. Natural Resources is anything that offers an output in its natural state. For example land, water, wind, and mineral deposits. Capital is synthetic resources such as buildings, machines, and technology. Human Resources is the people working in the economy. Entrepreneurship are the people who take the risk of launching and operating their own business. The rapid pace of change in business will continue to accelerate. With all of the factors that contribute increasing business has no other choice than to change. 2. Business is any organization that provides goods and services in an effort to earn a profit. 3. 3.  Explain the role of business in the economy. 4.  What are the 5 dimensions of the business environment? Discuss the key elements in each area as they relate to U.S.-based businesses. 5.  The Changing Face of the Workforce - According to the 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the composition of the American workforce is projected to shift between 2008 and 2018.  The most obvious shifts are expected to occur in demographic groups based on race/ethnic origin and age.  The following charts represent the projected percentage changes in specific race/ethnic origin and age groupings: Race/Ethnic Origin ...

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...1. What factors contribute to the rapid pace of change in business? Is the pace likely to accelerate or decrease over the next decade? Why? Capital, HR, natural resources, entrepreneurship, and technology all contribute to a rapid change of pace. The pace will most likely accelerate because all of these are increasing. 2. What role does entrepreneurship play in the economy? Who stands to gain from the success of individual entrepreneurs? How do other parties benefit? Entrepreneurship is key to the economy and most economies support it. The entire economy is going to gain from an entrepreneurship starting a business. Because businesses can decrease the workplace environment and not pay as many employees and it provides most jobs for people. 3. When did American business begin to concentrate on customer needs? Why? Around the relationship era is when the shift took place. It makes the customers happier, and helps the business grow because more people are then interested in the product. 4. How do nonprofit organizations compare to businesses? What role do nonprofits play in the economy? How do they interact with businesses? Nonprofit organizations are for a specific mission. The business is unselfish and works to better society, rather than themselves. For an example charities. A businesses goal is to make a profit, rather than give away their income. 5. What are the factors of production? How can economies grow when one or more of the factors is......

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... I would buy a franchise to get used to running and managing a business before starting from scratch. Other funding options aside from personal assets would be a small loan from a bank or family member. I think that they do not tap into more resources because no one who is starting a business wants to start it with substantial debt. The opportunity that is most compelling is the ability to infiltrate a niche market that the big corporations can not adapt to quickly. The most intimidating threat is big corporations undercutting you by price and stealing your customers. A niche marketer is someone who does business in a niche market where there is not alot of competition. Three examples of niche marketers are exotic car makers, private airplane makers and high end cookware manufacturers. I would buy a franchise to get used to running and managing a business before starting from scratch. The two main contributions that small businesses make to the United States economy is providing jobs and services which help stimulate the economy. Providing jobs is the most important because you are putting money in peoples pockets who will then go out and give business to others. The main factors that account for the dramatic differences in entrepreneurship around the world is the business climate and economy. If the business environment is hostile with lots of regulations and taxes it would be hard to start a business. If you live in a country with alot of poor people less people......

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