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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told effective communication is the essential key for successful relationships. Through the years I have learned this is the absolute truth in personal relationships as well as business relationships. Poor communication in personal relationships can lead to emotional consequences and poor communication in business relationships can lead to financial consequences. The benefits of effective communication in these relationships are priceless.

Some suggest that no matter what new trends may come and go, they prefer the old fashioned way of communicating, talking and listening (McElveen, n.d.). Others have invested in ways to communicate more effectively. When individuals invest in their selves to be more effective communicators, they become more marketable to businesses. When businesses invest in being effective communicators, it directly influences their bottom line because they are able to be more efficient and productive.

Twenty years ago, companies depended on typewriters and land line telephones to communicate with their customers. Today typewriters have been replaced by computers and land lines have been replaced by voicemail. Rather than typing a letter to a customer and placing it in the mail and waiting days for a response, companies have resorted to typing a quick and to the point email, clicking the send button and then waiting a few minutes for a response. This change in business communication saves money and time; however, in some cases it can be overwhelming because it forces employees to be confined to a desk or a computer for most of their work day. Years ago, major companies spent millions of dollars for employee travel for meetings but due to advanced technology, most meetings can be held virtually. While there is a cost associated with virtual meetings, it is significantly lower than the…...

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