Cadbury Dairy Milk- the Sweetest of Tyhem All

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Case Study
Cadbury Dairy Milk – The Sweetest of them all
It all started in 1905 when Cadbury’s top selling brand, Cadbury Dairy Milk was launched in Bournville, UK. By 1913, Dairy Milk had become Cadbury’s best-selling chocolate, and in the mid-twenties it became a brand leader. Cadbury India began its operations in 1948 by importing chocolates and then repacking them before distribution in the Indian market. With its deliciously smooth texture and unique creamy taste, Cadbury Dairy Milk made an immediate on the consumers and quickly became a market leader.
Cadbury’s mission is “Working together to create brands people love”. Cadbury Dairy Milk encapsulates an enormous breadth of emotions, from shared values such as family togetherness to the personal values of individual enjoyment. It stands for goodness.
At the point of entering the Indian market in 1948, Cadbury faced quite a few challenges. It had to get to people accustomed to chocolates, primarily seen as a western taste. Cadbury had to sell these products by reaching out to the masses in a country with a lot of diversity and varied interests. However the company recognised the importance of the chocolate brand as a means of expressing parental affection for their children. In the 1980’s the company positioned Cadbury Dairy milk as “The perfect expression of parental love”.
Cadbury markets Cadbury chocolates a number of chocolates: 5-Star, Perk, Temptations (with five variations), Crackle, Fruit and Nut, Dairy Milk Eclairs (toffee), Womie, Gems, etc.”
Packaging Design
Cadbury had always focussed on the taste of its chocolate to be its USP, and hence the advertisement of the chocolate had a picture of milk pouring into the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate block. This was a tremendous advertising success and has served the brand well for many years. The image has become an integral part of the…...

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