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Academic Calendar 2012/2013
Public Holidays / Students’ Recess


(開學禮)Opening Ceremony (開課)First Day of Classes (1st Semester)

September 2012 Su M T W T F Sa 1 2 3 4 5 2 9 16 23 30 October 2012 Su 6 7 8 9 10 7 14 21 28 M 1 8 15 22 29 T 2 9 16 23 30 W 3 10 17 24 31 T 4 11 18 25 F 5 12 19 26 Sa 6 13 20 27 2 23 1 (中秋節翌日/國慶節)The day following Mid-Autumn Festival / National Day (國慶節翌日)The day following National Day (重陽節)Chung Yeung Festival 3 10 17 24 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29

November 2012 Su M T W T 1 11 12 13 14 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29 F 2 9 16 23 30 Sa 3 10 17 24 2 (追思節)All Soul’s Day

December 2012 Su M T W T F Sa 1 15 2 9 16 23 30 3 10 17 24 31 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29 20-31 1 3-5 6-19 (課堂結束)Last day of classes (1st sem.) (複習/補課)Revision/Make-up Classes (期末考試)Final Examinations of 1st Semester 20 8 10 (聖母無原罪瞻禮)Immaculate Conception (聖母無原罪瞻禮後首個工作日)First Working Day After Immaculate Conception (澳門特別行政區成立紀念日)MSAR Establishment Day (聖誕及新年假期)Christmas / New Year Recess

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January 2013 Su Mo Tu 1 1 2 3 4 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29 We 2 9 16 23 30 Th 3 10 17 24 31 Fr 4 11 18 25 Sa 5 12 19 26 5 7 7-8 10-16 25

Academic Calendar 2012/2013
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(期末考成績公佈)Final Grades Announced (開課)First Day of Classes (2nd Semester) (補考申請)Application for Supp. Exam (補考期)Supplementary Examinations (補考成績公佈)Supp. Exam Grades Announced 1 (元旦)New Year Day

February 2013 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr 1 3 10 5 6 17 24 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 March 2013 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr 1 7 8 9 10 3 10 17 24 31 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29 Sa 2 9 16 23 30 29 30 (耶穌受難日)Good Friday (復活節前日)Holy Saturday/Easter Eve 7 14 21 28…...

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...may sound, I blinked and I was 18 years old, I blinked and I was 30, and I blinked and now I am 50. That is how fast it feels. I swear my children were just born….but suddenly, they are adults. It feels like just yesterday that I was a young woman able to raise a child, work full time and take a night class all at once with ease, and now I’m a grandma with a good few aches and pains, looking at retirement plans. Very rarely do we think about our life’s purpose or reflect on the big picture when we are growing up or even when we are in our 20’s or 30’s. I’m sure it happens at different ages for different people…maybe some never do, I don’t know. I believe I started “getting it” when I was in my 40’s. By this…I mean that I truly realized what was important in life and what not to sweat about. Losing family members had a lot to do with it. It was hard enough when I lost Grandma and Grandma ...parents are security blankets that are very, very hard to lose. But when Uncle Bob died…I felt a major change in my soul. It was as if I’d been on a spinning top my whole life and then it just stopped. Everything was suddenly right there in front of me to deal with…think about, from my childhood to the present. It was as if I was seeing things with new eyes…and it wasn’t a bad experience at all. Looking back, I knew that I had made mistakes, but also that I had done the best I could with what I knew at the time and with the resources that I had. I was proud that I had......

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...a better writer. When it came to English I was one of the people who hated it, because I knew writing was involved. With the help of a challenging assignments, Lexicon quizzes, and a guiding professor I can finally say I’m on the right track to a brighter future. I’m the type of person who loves to be challenged, and with the assignments given in this semester class I feel like I can accomplish any hard task thrown at me. I remember when I first entered the class my mood was very lethargic, because it was my second time in English A. I thought if I didn’t get it the first time what makes people think I’m going to be able to the second time around. As I think back, I remember the first paper issued was a reading on Abraham Lincoln. We had to read what I thought was a boring passage, so the class had already lost me there, then we had to write something about and that was another “oh no” for me. As I was writing the paper I grew more and more chuffed about it. You may not believe but I finally finished the paper, I wasn’t too confident about it but I was thinking “hey, at least it’s something to turn in.” However the day it was due I wasn’t allowed to turn it in do to tardiness, then all I could think was “welcome to college English A.” Now the nest project was due, which was the annotated bibliography. By this time around I started growing confidence because it was something new and was way different from my last English A class so I thought to give it a chance. The......

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...1. What stage of the Product Life Cycle are Jim’s Levels? Explain why. I think the Decline Stage of Product Life Cycle is Jim`s Level. The Decline Stage has some characteristic: 1 Sales drop because a new innovation has been developed 2 Technology has a major influence at the intro and decline stages 3 Sales slow to disappear, consumers hold on the old ways. In the third paragraph of case, Jim has noticed his sales falling because a new innovation has been developed that is laser level. Laser levels are shorter and easier to carry than Jim`s level, and laser level can extend for over 100 feet but Jim`s levels just 4 to 6 feet for bricklayers. Most worker hold on old methods. To sum up the above analysis, I think the Decline Stage of Product Life Cycle is Jim`s Level. 2. What are the Foster Curve effects of Jim’s business? For the Foster Curve effects of Jim’s business, Jim`s can find which stage of Product Life Cycle are his and the Technology Gap between his level and Laser level. Then Jim can adjust his marketing strategies immediately. As time advance, Jim`s sales will decrease. Although Jim`s product has good quality and enjoy a reasonable market share of the high end level business, with laser level appear all of Jim`s advantage will disappear and will be replaced by laser level. With the Foster Curve, Jim can find what time he should do some measures to extend his life cycle. 3. ......

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...lack of ability to understand old heirlooms that she would see preserved to keep the heritage alive she lives everyday. Mama Johnson is first presented immediately as someone who can be trusted through her knowledge of things presented to her firstly by describing her misfortunate youngest daughter Maggie by saying “She is not bright. Like good looks and money, quickness passed her by,” as well as stating she “was never a good singer” and “never could carry a tune” (Alice 163). These blunt observations helps the reader trust what Mama Johnson says because they are things personally significant to her and personal within her life and about her family. She does not sugar coat the truth or try to mask what is in front of her because she has no reason to hide what is her heritage because it is the life she lives everyday. When Dee finally arrives she instantly begins taking snap shots of her former home. She pushes to preserve the heritage she left behind by taking these captured shots of a heritage fading away and by literally taking it back with her which is the case with the dasher and quilts. Dee eagerly attempts to take back with her things of past lineage stating “This churn is what I need” and wanting “the dasher too” (Walker 165). She does the same with the quilts “saying sweet as a bird 'Can I have these old quilts?'” in her hopeful delight of trying to preserve these relics that Mama Johnson and Maggie use for everyday use (Walker 165). However, Mama Johnson still......

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...I Can By Nas Search the internet for a description of the concept ”The American Dream” What does this concept cover? It is about the freedom in America and it includes the opportunity for prosperity and success and social mobility for the family and the children. James Truslow Adams said in 1931, "life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" 1. In your own words, briefly explain what is said in the lyrics You can do what you want or be what you want to be if you just work for it. Even if you come from a poor family you can become a rock star or a successful business man if you work hard enough for it 2. Who is the audience, who is addressing? The audience is the poor people. The people who don’t have the greatest opportunity to become something big and don’t believe in themselves. 3. Who is the “I” in the song? What role does he play? Different kids and the singer Nas. Nas tries to guide the children and he tell them how they can become what they want. He is kind of a supervisor for the children. 4. What themes do the lyrics deal with? Find 2-3 examples in the text ‘Hung with the wrong person Got her strung on that Heroin, cocaine, sniffin up drugs all in her nose...’ one example of the theme drugs ‘be careful, some men be Rapists, so act your age, don't pretend to be Older than you are, give yourself time to grow You thinking he can give you wealth, but so Young......

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What I Know skill, but the fact is I obviously don’t and neither does anybody else. I’m here to write about what I do know, such as what I do at work, know when to shut my mouth, historical events, and etcetera. I’m not big on psychology in a broad range, but I do enjoy abnormal psychology and learning about anti-social behavioral people that make-up society. I started working at an airport after I graduated high school back in May of 2015. My job seems pretty simple in what I am told to do, but the work is a pain in the ass. I clean planes for a bunch of rich bastards that do nothing it seems except fly planes and go to swinger clubs. I also mow the airport mainly in the summer and not so much in the winter. Mowing is my favorite part because I can go do my own thing and not listen to dumbass Bill (who just got fired recently, Thank God) rant about how Fox News is what kids need to watch to learn something. I’m not a liberal, but I hate Fox News by the way. All Fox News does is rant about something non-stop and repeat the same thing over and over. Well anyways, the job pays the bills and that is what matters. School is very important as you may know, but at the same time homework sucks. My favorite area of learning is about history. Partly due to the fact I can easily memorize historical events. Another area of what I know but strongly dislike is math. Math is one of those things that I’m good at and hate, but do it anyway because I know how. I know that abnormal psychology......

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...heart rate, elevates blood pressure, and boosts energy supplies. Cortisol increases sugar in your brain and increases the availability of substance that repair tissue. | | Reference: “Facts on Stress” by, National Institute of Mental Health” | ~ This shows the different types of stress and how severe it can get when activated for a long period of time. ~ It also shows examples of how this person gets stressed, over which circumstances. | Evidence: The three different types of stress which can affect both physical and mental health risks: routine stress, stress by sudden negative changes, and traumatic stress. | | My conclusion(s): Stress is something everyone encounters everyday, but sometimes being stressed to much can risk health problems. This study tested the hypothesis that high stress levels can lead to the risk of health problems. Like other studies, I found that stress are little signals in your mind which tends to quicken all around your body, it starts to push adrenaline in your body. If that adrenaline stays for a long period of time this can affect people's mind and body which increases their health risks. Now that we know how and what stress can do to you, we should be more careful and try to avoid these kind of situations. |...

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...Me As I Know Her When I think of my life as a child and now as a parent. My views on life have changed to think of how to become a better person and parent. I will briefly discuss some of my life experiences that shaped me into the person that I am. I will also analyze some of the theories that apply to psychological development and how some of these theories pertain to my life. I grew up in a single-family home with my mother finishing school and taking care of my older sister, older brother, my baby sisters and I. A man who was absent from my life, that was my father I did not know. My parents got divorced when I was just an infant. I feel this is where my trust issues come from. I also believe what Erik Erikson theories “in stage one, infants must learn to trust their parents”(Witt & Mosser, 2010, 2.3) which teaches a child to trust others easily. I spent majority of my time with my grandparents who I looked up to. I took my papa as my father because that is all I knew as a child so the few times my father did call I just felt that this was a just a man with the title my daddy. On television I had seen that parents were together like on the Cosby Show and Leave It to Beaver so I did not understand why my mom and dad were not together. Growing up being the middle child of five children by my mother. Also having a younger sister from my father. My younger sister by my father I did not grow up with so I did not know much about her. As adults we have......

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