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Can Sugar Make You Stupid?

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Sugar is a sweet substance that composes of hydrogen, carbon and Oxygen. It provides the human body with carbohydrates responsible for energy. Science classifies sugars as simple or complex depending on their sources. Sugar is vital for the normal functioning of the human body but excessive intake of sugars may become a threat to individual’s health. In order to have a health body, individuals need to take the correct amount of sugars in their diets.
Recently, there were experiments undertaken which provide proof about the ability of sugar to make an individual stupid. According to research, the claim that sugar makes an individual stupid is correct because of the outcome of the results found where the researchers used rats. The results indicated that the rats constantly feed with fructose had reduced levels of IQ as well as numerous other complications. What is vital is the fact that sugar does not directly affect the individual’s mental capacity but other disease caused by excessive intake of sugar is predisposing factors. A clear example is that the intake of sugar may cause diseases such as obesity, heart attack and mental conditions. Common mental conditions include depression and bipolar. When an individual suffers from obesity, for example, they may become depressed and have a low self-esteem. This will reduce the individual’s ability to interact with others and perform simple tasks or even to participate in routine tasks. When an individual used to perform different tasks but fails because of obesity, stress or other sugar related complications, other people may term that person as stupid. This is the reason as to why individuals believe that sugar can make someone…...

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