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Canadian Policitcs

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The Canadian State: Institutions and Structures

The Constitution is very import in the context of the canadian state however it is not without controversy. As there has been many significant changes to fundamental rights

Operational Institutions
Westminster Style Parliamentary Government: derives from the british parliament in Britain meaning that we have an adversarial government. This can be expressed in the parliamentary structure of the house of commons (adversarial and conflict). High expectations of accountability in the formal legalities. The government must retain the confidence of the house (budget proposals) -legislative process: see above -party discipline: is linked to the idea of confidence, it operates through out the system. The general expectation is that members will vote along party lines. Pros: Accountability meaning that you know who is power and responsible for certain parts of the government, higher level of efficiency, fiscal and budgetary concerns, Cons: Can not always vote according to beliefs and values, inefficiency

Federalism: Important driver of politics within Canada. To what extent are the types of different conflicts between the different levels of conflicts. Another reason why federalism exists is due in large part to the question of Quebec and the allocation of powers between french canada and the rest of the country.

The Canadian State: Sovereignty

1867: Constitution Act, 1867 (BNA)
1926: The King-Byng Thing
1926: Nadan v. The King: criminal cases could be heard by the JCPC still
The Balfour Declaration
1931: The statue of Westminster (formalize the separation of British and Canadian Government)
1949 Abolition of appeals to JCPC
1982: Constitution Act, 1982: Passed by the British Government (formally ammeter any requirement for the Canadian government to have to go to the British government for any…...

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