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Candidate Selection
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HRM 531
October 19, 2010
Todd Keller

Recruitment is a necessary process that organizations have to go through to staff and run a successful organization. “Just as corporations compete to develop, manufacture, and market the best product or service, so they must also compete to identify, attract, and hire the most qualified people” (Cascio, 2006). Aco has determined through workforce forecasting that they need to hire a new Warehouse Order Picker, for their Farmington Hills, Michigan location. This warehouse supports the sales operations for all the stores in Michigan. It is important that the right candidate is selected for this position. The job of a Warehouse Order Picker entails for the candidate to be technically and physically efficient. The ability to read, write, drive a Hi-lo and some data entry work is needed. The candidate must also be able to lift up to 50lbs and be able to withstand certain temperature fluctuations. As a management team we have decided to start the initial screening process by evaluating the application of twelve individuals based on the scoring system and recommend three applicants for a follow up, phone screening. The four applicants evaluated for the position were Barry, Charles, Corinna and Chris. Barry’s application was the second choice out of the four evaluated, it was passed up due to his lack of employment history. Charles application was impressive in terms of his work history but his application leaves us to believe that he may not be as flexible with his availability. Corinna shows a good work history on the sales side and could possibly be an asset to the organization within one of Aco’s store fronts. Corinna has customer service experience and appears to be college educated which could benefit the warehouse, but we…...

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