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An organization without career planning and career development initiatives is likely to encounter the highest rate of attrition, causing much harm to their plans and programmers. Similarly without succession planning managing of vacancies, particularly at higher levels becomes difficult. There are examples of many organizations that had to suffer for not being able to find right successor for their key positions. With the increase scope for job mobility and corporate race for global headhunting of good performers, it is now a well established fact that normal employment span for key performers remains awfully short.
Most importantly, the major focus of career planning is on assisting the employees achieve a better match between personal goals and the opportunities that are realistically available in the organization. Career programmers should not concentrate only on career growth opportunities. Practically speaking, there may not be enough high level positions to make upward mobility a reality for a large number of employees. Hence, career planning efforts need to pin point and highlight those areas that offer psychological success instead of vertical growth. Career planning is not an event or end in itself, but a continues process of developing human resources for achieving optimum results. It must, however be noted that individual and organizational career are not separate and distinct. A person who is not able to translate his career plan into action within the organization may probably quit the job, if he has a choice. Organizations therefore should help employees in career planning so that both can satisfy each other’s need.
Until recently, employees could join an organization fully expecting to stay with it for their entire career. Now life long careers area thing of the past. Some naive employees still feel that they are immune to the ongoing reductions…...

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