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McDonald’s marketing strategy is the foundation of its organizational strategy and its success. Its marketing mix and strategy are key elements for the organization achieving its mission and goals, which involve improving on its strengths and addressing any weaknesses. McDonald’s continues to keep their marketing and branding edge ahead of the pack by continuing to seek to be innovative and adapt to changing market trends to be successful. McDonald’s strategy is to increase its presence worldwide, and continue to enhance its revenue while expanding into different market segments. Changing cultural values and social forces are compelling McDonald’s to be innovative and explore different markets (Viskovich, 2009, para 6). McDonald’s now has a healthier menu, adding breakfast oatmeal, appealing to a whole new demographic. Most recently, McDonald’s launched a McCafe campaign offering comparable flavors of specialty coffees to Starbucks, but at a much lower price. The Carrot-Orange Smoothie will add to the goal of expanding into different market segments and will market very similar to the new product lines. It will be very important to reach the health conscious consumer.
To promote health, each oatmeal package will include a sticker coupon good for $1.00 off the price of the Carrot-Orange Smoothie. The coupon will have an expiration date two weeks from the date of purchase. This markets to the health conscious consumer that prefers oatmeal over a biscuit, therefore they will most likely prefer the veggie smoothie over an ice cream treat. This marketing strategy will continue at McDonald’s 60 days after the introduction of the veggie smoothie, allowing time for all to enjoy several before they are charged full price.

McDonald’s has been in the news heavily regarding the toys in their Happy Meals for children. A lawsuit filed on behalf of a…...

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