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November 7, 2012
Smoking has become a trending topic in today’s world, as leading problem in today’s society that starts for many reasons. The habit may start because of curiosity, peer pressure, stress, personal issues, even though people know how harmful it can. Some people begin smoking due to the stress in their lives and are under the misconceived notion that it relaxes them. Others smoke due to the assumption that because their parents smoke, it must be okay. A little common sense would indicate that inhaling smoke cannot be good or healthy for the human body. Smoking is very addicting and it affects youth to adult youth.
One effect of smoking, and probably the one that the non-smokers hate the most, is that it stinks up everything around them. Smokers usually have smelly hair, breath, clothes, and, if they smoke indoors, a smelly room/ house. The stench of a cigarette is so strong and very hard to get rid of. Even if the person quits smoking the odor remains for a long time.
Another effect of smoking is one that most people don’t even take into consideration. It stains the teeth yellow, or sometimes even brown. Since this effect is long term, most people are not aware of it when they begin smoking. The truth is that a cigarette stain is very hard to eliminate from the teeth, and it can end up costing a considerable amount of money. Yellow teeth are disgusting because they give an unhygienic image and make people look older
A third effect of smoking is that it will eventually end up affecting the smoker’s personal finances. Depending on the country the prices of cigarettes can differ. Even at an affordable price the regular consumption of cigarettes will eventually go up.5 packs of cigarettes a week cost $10 a pack that $2600 a year. (Ruelan, 2012)
We learn and are taught about the dangers…...

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