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Changes in the U.S.
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HIST105-1202A-05 – U.S. History

With America’s new found independence; territories had to be defined. As the country’s population grew; there also grew a need for the expansion of the land mass and all of the natural resources that come along with it. Territorial expansion became an integral part of the growth of the United States and the foundation of the country we see today. Keywords: Territorial expansion, country, natural resources, history

The territorial expansion event that I have chosen to write about is the Louisiana purchase of 1803. The actual purchase of the state of Louisiana happened more by chance than by intention.
What began as an attempt to regain access to navigate the lower Mississippi river evolved into one of the surprise territorial expansions in United States history. In reaction to Spain suddenly retracted an agreed upon treaty that allowed the United States to have access to the lower Mississippi river in 1802; the then President of the United States sent James Monroe to Paris to join with Robert Livingston to assist in negotiate the purchase of New Orleans and West Florida from the French. This maneuver was intended to secure control of the Mississippi, which was a vital trader route. However, as fortune would have it; Napoleon Bonaparte, who by this time had become a great military leader; was preparing for an impending war in Europe and needed a financial war chest. So, in April of 1803, Napoleon offered to sell, not just New Orleans, but all of Louisiana. Even though, they were not authorized to spend the amount Napoleon was asking, which was $15,000.000.00, this was an offer that was just too good to pass up. Because of this move, the American negotiators had doubled the size of the country by adding over 830,000 square miles to its’ territories.
The short term consequences of…...

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