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Communication Channel Scenarios
In business and social environments good communication is vital. It is therefore of great importance to produce viable channels of communication when addressing situations, to effectively transmit a message clear from barriers that may cause distortion. Author Robins (2011) presents three scenarios requiring a proper form of communication to address each situation.
The first scenario presents a situation requiring a formal channel of oral communication conveyed through group discussion. This would be the most efficient means of communication to best facilitate strategic planning within the time frame given as stated in the first scenario. This channel of communication proves to be most beneficial, because it is direct and promotes speed and feedback with the least amount of distortion among team members. The composite of team ideas should then be placed in the written format of a marketing plan. Author Robins (2011) suggests that “written communications are more likely to be well thought out, logical, and clear.” Once completed, the final written layout of execution should be submitted to the Vice President of Operations by email.
The second scenario presents an IT issue affecting all levels of a business. I would contact the IT department utilizing the channel of oral communication to efficiently address the issue, while receiving immediate feedback. I would then relay the new login name and password to all employees by channel of written communication in the form of an email requiring receipt of review. This method of communication would allow parties of interest to be notified of the new information at the click of a button. Thus, allowing the employee accessibility to reference back to the new login information when needed.
As presented in the third scenario, I believe that oral communication would be the best way to…...

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