Characteristics of a Democratic Society

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Identify and discuss the characteristics of a democratic society. Evaluate the US Government on each of these elements.

Democracy is government in which power and civic responsibility are exercised by all adult citizens, directly, or through their freely elected representatives. It rests upon a well-understood group of values, attitudes, and practices - all of which may take different forms and expressions among cultures and societies around the world. Democracies rest upon fundamental principles, not uniform practices.
Democracies fall into two basic categories, direct and representative. In a direct democracy, citizens, without the intermediary of elected or appointed officials, can participate in making public decisions. Such a system is clearly most practical with relatively small numbers of people - in a community organization, tribal council, or the local unit of a labor union, for example - where members can meet in a single room to discuss issues and arrive at decisions by consensus or majority vote.
Some U.S. states, in addition, place "propositions" and "referenda" - mandated changes of law - or possible recall of elected officials on ballots during state elections. These practices are forms of direct democracy, expressing the will of a large population. Many practices may have elements of direct democracy
As Americans, we are fortunate enough to be living in such a peaceful environment when compared with other countries around the world. However, as a democratic nation, it is important for us to realize that the decisions affecting our people should not be left solely in the hands of our leaders. Although elected by the people, the views and opinions of each politician and decision-maker will remain their own. It is up to us, as the people of this country, to make sure procedural fairness is active within our courts so that it blossoms through…...

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