Characteristics of Business Leadership

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Characteristics of Business Leadership
Teresa Fuller BUS 302 – Management Concepts

Characteristics of Business Leadership
Innovators and inventors are usually seen as individuals that have made huge contributions and have impacted an industry or the world in a significant way. Over the past 15 years there are several individuals that have impacted industries through invention of an item or simply by endorsing a problem. What make these individuals different is their highly motivated spirit, their willingness not to accept failure and their unprecedented work ethic.
One such innovators is known by names such as “the king of the web,” “wizard of web retailing,” or “lord of the jungle,” it’s Jeffrey Bezos. Jeff is credited with the online e-book craze, a place where individuals could by books without visiting a brick-and-mortar. What is most impressive about this innovator is how he has kept his business relevant by re-inventing the company by keeping up with the changing environment (Peneberg 2003).
Jeff started with the idea of online retail in 1994 because of the growth of the internet usage. After thinking about what he could sell over the internet is settled on books. The reason he believe books would make it is because no traditional bookstore could possibly offer 2.5 million titles like the internet could. The most a bookstore could carrier in titles at one time is around 200,000. This innovator was careful and methodically in the decisions that he made down to why the company’s name must start with an “A” (Ed, et al 2002). In June 1995 the first test website was launched, on July 16, 1995 it was made available to more than 45 countries and every US state. The idea of an online retail bookstore being successful by selling books were unheard of, these were items that were traditionally bought from the corner bookstore. As, Amazon entered in the…...

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