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Market analysis of
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1 Introduction

The main propose of this preliminary project is to analyses the present situation of Chinese automaker ‘Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. In order to analyses the present situation, we mainly focus on its internationalization process, its domestic market as well as international market, and its strategy of growth. And it is supported with different theories such as SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Porter 5 Forces, 4Ps.
1.1 Chery at a Glance

Chery is one of the Chinese fast growing state owned enterprise founded on 1997.with a capital of CNY 3.68 billion, and its first car came on a production on 1999. At present Chery owns for sub-brands, chery, karry , Rilich and rely. Currently Chery has 16 different module in maket and it possesses an annual production capacity of 900,000 automobiles. (Chery) . With the strategy of ‘Going out’ Chery become the first Chinese automobile company to export its production in overseas, including more then 80 countries. It offers cars, sedans, SUVs, and mini-vans on its different segment. Source – Chery International Co. ltd
This figure show that, the total sale of Chery automobile is been increasing in every year, in the year 2008 its sale is 356,000 unit which is decrees by small present comparing to 381,000 on previous year 2007. Competition is the causes as Chery Chairma Yin Tongyue said “Competition in the Chinese automobile market would be extremely fierce this year” (Reuturs, 2009) and due to the effect of global recession.

2. Chinese auto market Source- china car times
According to the, china car times. Top 3…...

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