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1. According to the Statement of Cash Flows, Chesapeake has a positive cash flow from operations in the amount of $27.8 million in 2009. Moreover, there is a negative cash flow from investing and financing activities in the amounts of -$6.7 million and -$31.1 million, respectively. Chesapeake invested $6.7 million in fixed asset acquisitions. However, Chesapeake still has an overall positive cash flow in the amount of $27.2 million. Although this amount is $10 million lower than the last fiscal year (2008), this should not be too much of a concern at this time because $10 million was used to pay down long-term debt. Overall the main sources of cash was from operations and the main uses of cash were fixed asset acquisition, marketable securities, and paying off long-term debt.

In 2008, Chesapeake (3.67%) went from 2nd to the last among its competitors ranking below the state median and average but above the national median and lower quartile. In 2009, Chesapeake (5.7%) rose to 3rd among its competitors ranking above the national upper quartile and state median. This shows that there is an upward trend in total profit margin and that the MCO has been improving in expense control and performing above the national average. However, among its competitors, Chesapeake can do better.
The total asset turnover has remained the same (2.8) from 2008 to 2009. The ratio is below the national median of 3.1. Thus, Chesapeake may have some difficulty generating revenue from its assets when compared to other managed care companies- poor utilization of assets.
ROA increased from 10.21% in 2008 to 16.27% in 2009. Chesapeake’s ROA is higher than the industry average of 8.99%, meaning it has above return on assets, mainly due to its good expense control. This is good for Chesapeake because it shows that they can generate…...

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