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Checkpoint Protein Article Search

Nutrition SCI/241

Professor Zachary Lahlou

July 16, 2012

The article I reviewed was “Does Milk Hurt Kids” written by Mary Carmichael for Newsweek magazine in 2006. The article relates to the protein needs of infants or toddlers compared to adults. The author believes that American children are not getting the proper nutrition because so many parents are substituting rice or soy milk which lack needed vitamins.
This article was very informative and clearly explained that while soy and rice milk have good benefits for adults it can cause serious health conditions for infants and children. These products lack the proper amount of vitamin D and protein needed for good development. As noted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), lack of proper vitamins and nutrition can result in rickets (a severe vitamin D deficiency) and kwashiorkor (protein deficiency) which are normally only found in third world countries.
The reason why rice and soy milk cause issues for younger children is because their diets do not contain a wide variety of foods and so they lack vitally needed protein and vitamins. Adults eat such a wide variety of foods that substituting rice or soymilk for dairy milk does not typically have any affect on the amount of vitamins and protein consumed. According to Albert Yan, “a pediatric dermatologist at the University of Pennsylvania, babies' skin becomes like "flaky paint" and their hair, lacking enough melanin, gets lighter. More seriously, they develop tissue swelling (edema) and their bodies fail to produce crucial immune factors.”
The good news from this article is that these nutritional problems are typically reversible. Producers of rice and soy milk products are doing their best to notify consumers of the problems related to feeding their products to…...

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...On a fall morning, 33 miners left for work, kissing their loved ones good-bye, not thinking that would be the last time they would see them for over two months. That afternoon the earth gave way crumbling on top of the miners, destroying any ventilation they depended on, not to see any signs of hope for anyone until 17 days later when a drill hit an opening allowing the rescuers to tie notes advising they were all fine. A plan immediately went into effect to rescue the miners. Given the situation there are many types of roles and people to consider. Thinking about the family is first and foremost. There will be many lives that will be affected when addressing the families of the victims. Who will tell the family, how, making sure the tone of voice is proper and who must be present. Second, the other employees not involved in the collapse must be addressed. How will it be addressed to the employees, what must be told to them, what must be kept confidential and how to move forward. This also holds true for the media of any sort. Knowing each of the audiences is critical to deliver the most effect message. The person must be of sound mind, as much as possible under the circumstances. Respectful, persuasive, and truthful but never manipulative when delivering the facts. What would be the potential needs of the families of the miners in receiving a message about this incident? The needs are going to be great, and there will be several questions from the...

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... Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release On Aug. 5, 2010, a gold and copper mine near the northern city of Copiapó, Chile caved in, trapping 33 miners in a chamber about 2,300 feet below the surface. For 17 days, there was no word on their fate. As the days passed, Chileans grew increasingly skeptical that any of the miners had survived. But when a small bore hole reached the miners’ refuge, they sent up a message telling rescuers they were still alive. From the beginning of this tragic event communication needs to be designed from the bottom up (figuratively). It is important to inform and communicate with the team of rescue workers, medical personnel, technicians and mining experts, journalist, family members and the trapped miners. Taking into consideration there are different roles and different people in the audience, the potential needs of each receiving the information is considerably different. With the team of rescue workers, medical personnel, technicians, and mining experts there is going to be a more direct method of receiving a message. Knowing their job and position direct communication is what they rely on to get the trapped miners out. The trapped miners are also going to need a direct method of receiving information but in a more sensitive way. Letting them know that help is on the way, trying to stay calm, involving them and keeping them motivated to not lose hope. ......

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...Chilean Coal Miners Troy J. Tassin BCO/M 275 April 11, 2013 JOHN K. TROUT III Chilean Coal Miners Today there has been a terrible accident in one of its copper mines of San Jose, Chile, there has been a cave in. There said to be 33 miners trapped 2,050 feet below ground. Officials of rescue party were notified immediately and have started drilling holes to insure the miners would have fresh air, food and water. There was a new communication system put in place and that all the miners were using. It was a positive sign when asked if the miners were okay, they said they are a bit hungry and wanted toothbrushes. The miners know it was going to be a long time before they were to out of the mine. As the days when on, the Minera San Esteban Primera Company has giving up dates of what is going on to the families and the public. The Minera San Esteban Primera Company has sent out thoughts and prayers the families of the coal miners letting them know that they are doing everything they can to save everyone. Minera San Esteban Primera Company will not rest or give up any hope and efforts in locating and saving the 33 miners. • What would be the potential needs of the families of the miners in receiving a message about this incident? What would the family would be knowledge of safety and knowing that there is a plan in place to save the family members. Having support for the grieving families. • What would be the potential needs of the company’s employees when receiving a...

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...On August 5, 2010, the lives of 33 Chilean miners would be changed forever. A cross in the desert now marks the spot where the mine had collapsed and trapped 33 men nearly a half-mile under millions of tons of earth. News reporters across the world flocked to Chile to capture every waking moment as these newly dubbed heroes were ripped from the beneath earth as if they were roots entwined deep within the dusty clutch of the lowest crust of the planet. The story made national headlines and each miner became a hero after their 69 day trip to hell and back. When the news first broke of the incident, the information needed to get out to the world, but most importantly to their families. The way in which the information was communicated via the news and rescue team was different than how the families received the message. There are different levels of communication when dealing with a conflict and the potential needs for the company’s employees would differ from the communication to the families. When speaking with the team who is going to begin a rescue effort, face to face meeting in a conference room or prep room is the best method when dealing with a devastating issue like the collapse. In situations like these, the leader of the team needs to take inventory of his team to ensure that the full mental, emotional, and physical capabilities match the demand for such a task. Direct speaking of information will help the rescue team to understand the dire need for......

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... Chilean Miners Trapped and Rescued Tyrone Norris BCOM/275 February 20, 2012 Velonta Adams Chilean Miners Trapped and Rescued The Chilean miners’ accident was surely a frightening incident for the miners themselves and their families. This incident that occurred raised a great many of questions of whom the Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera was faced to answer. With all things considered, it would have been to his credit to ensure that as many facts as possible be gathered to deliver information about the accident to families and the media. The Chilean miner’s accident was examined from many different perspectives and shed light on the position of the company, Compania Minera San Esteban Primera, as to their concern for the safety of the miners based on the condition of the roof which collapsed. His statement that was communicated to the public was, “The cause of the roof collapse, about 1,100 feet (350 meters) below the surface, is being investigated.” Chile Mine Collapse: Facts about the Amazing Survival Story, by Wynne Parry and Rachael Rettner. This incident was telecast around the world almost as quickly as it happened and some things to remember are how the families and peers of the miners felt during this tragic event. They would be left guessing day to day about the well being of their loved ones and fellow co-workers. The media would have needed to be very delicate in the delivery of this astounding news to the world because it would be also heard by......

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...Chilean Miners On August 5, 2010 a mine in northern Chile collapses and 33 men are trapped inside. Before anything can go out to the media or families the situation and facts need to be put together so more chaos is not created. For the family member the message needs to be conveyed with emotions and sympathy more than facts. The family knows the situation is bad and do not need to hear facts that would make it worse. They need to hear that everything is going to be ok, and everyone is working to make it better. When giving information to the media it needs to be facts not suspicions of what may be going on. If there are not actual facts to give then nothing should be said. When miscommunication happens it makes things worse and can get the facts mixed with nonfactual information. The audiences they are relaying information to can be different. There would be the families, who are hurt and upset and don’t know how to react. Then you have the media who just want to know what is going on so they have a story to report. However, there are the employees who are not trapped who want to know what they can do to help to get their fellow coworkers out and safe. Before communication can even happen, looking at the person and knowing how to communicate to them will be the key. If there is someone who is so distraught and emotionally unstable, like the family members, care must be taken that something is not communicated to them to make it worse. After the information has been given......

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...After reading the research article that was required for this weeks assignment, “Over 30 Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse” (Weik, 2010), the article stated that on August 5, 2010, a small San José copper mine operation in northern Chile owned by Minera San Esteban Primera, collapsed leaving 33 workers trapped underground within the Earth’s soil. The article also reported that rescuers where making an effort to locate workers in order to drill a passage way to provide those trapped within the mine food, water and oxygen, nevertheless rescuers were interrupted on Saturday due to a second collapse of the mine. The news article also provided information that prior to the 2010 collapse, there was a fatal accident in January of 2007 which closed the mine, but operations at the mine resumed later that year. The communications with an audience are determined by the people and the different roles with it. Several considerations should be remembered due to the different perceptions or views, cultural or liberal diversity, communication deficiencies or barriers (deaf or blind individuals), along with the type of language used and also the location of the audience. The most important aspect to remember is having an idea of the types of communication styles to use when speaking to an audience. Communication styles give the sender an opportunity to express their inter thoughts while connecting with the audience. The message of the incident to the family should be an......

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...Chilean Mine Collapse:Effective Communication BCOM/275 Ralph Schoen March 27,2014 Tenisha Giles In the communication process, it is important that one know the audiences in which they are delivering a message. The main purpose when speaking to a group of people is to persuade, entertain, or inform. In order to communicate effectively, you must know who is in your audience. If you feel as though a certain person of the group is deemed “the leader,” it may help to direct your speech to that person in order for them to persuade or inform the rest of the group later. It is just as important to gain rapport. Showing that you care with your verbal/non verbal skills is always a way to get the attention of a group, especially in the case of the trapped Chilean copper miners. On August 5, 2010 in San Jose, Chile over 30 copper mine workers were trapped underground after two disastrous collapses in the Atacama desert. Families were extremely worried about their loved ones, not knowing if they had survived the disaster, especially with limited food, water, and oxygen for days. It is in question if the Minera San Esteban Primera Copper mine was up to safety codes by the FMC and CTC. Principally because of the large amounts of copper produced and the previous closing of the mine after a fatal accident in March 2007. Families need to know the extremities of the situation and not be lied to as they are already in......

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...everything in our power to bring them home safely. We greatly value each and everyone of our employees. Please stay positive and keep the miners and their families in your thoughts and prayers. To family (face-to-face meeting) I have asked to speak with you to inform you that there has been a collapse in the San Jose mine today. The collapse has resulted in 33 men being trapped. Your husband/son is one of those men. I want you to know we are going to do everything we possibly can to rescue everyone. Unfortunately, at this time, we have no form of communication available with them. Therefore we do not know how many are injured or how many have survived. I know this is horrible news and you are very concerned about your loved one. Please take comfort in knowing we will do whatever is necessary to rescue all 33 men. We are working as fast as we can to set up communication and come up with a plan for rescue. We will keep you involved every step of the way. We will also be here to support you through this process. There is a good chance that the rescue could take a while to be completed. The cave-in happened at the only entrance. They are 2300 feet underground. but we are going to use every resource available to quickly get them home safely. Please bare with us. Let's keep open communication and work together, keeping the miners best interest first at all times. I am very sorry this is happening and I promise to do everything humanly possible to bring......

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...Nikeisha Vinson Trapped Chilean Miners 3/10/2014 BCOMM275 D. Williams When handling a fickle audience one needs to consider how much information that needs to be divulged. One should tell them only pertinent information that would put to ease any worries or concerns. After the collapse of the Chilean mine, you want to keep the families updated on their family members trapped and try a keep them optimistic of the outcome. When dealing with people of different ethnicities and language barriers, one would need to express empathy and great care handling the information. Under no circumstances should the complexity of the situation be expressed to the family, friends or employees of this accident. Now there is some major dissention when it comes to how information is portrayed when considering the audience. Often times, when relaying despairing information to the mass we tend to leave out details to spare the faint of heart and discourage panic. After the collapse of the mine, the miners families and employee’s wanted to know what steps the company was going to take to remedy this situation, how long it would take to retrieve the trapped miners and how soon after could the workers could come home. After reading this article written by Juan Weik, the communication stated nothing but the facts. The communication warranted enough information to let the worried families know what had happened, what was being accomplished, and that investigations were being carried out to......

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...Chilean Miners Josh Van Kampen BCOM/275 August 1, 2011 Written Memo would be most best way to send this communication out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEMO Date: August 9, 2010 To: All Minera San Esteban Primera Employees From: Josh Van Kampen, Chief Executive Officer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As of August 5, 2011 there has been a terrible and unfortunate accident in one of our copper mines in San Jose, Chile. The mine suffered a cave-in leaving 33 of our employees trapped inside the cave. Officials and rescue aid workers were notified immediately and working diligently to locate and save the trapped employees. The 33 employees are trapped at a depth of 300 meters. There is no official confirmation on how much food, water or oxygen is with the miners. The rescue mission consists of drilling holes into the caved in rocks, in which will help aid workers to locate the 33 trapped miners. A second cave-in on Saturday suspended aid missions for a several hours. Despite recent questions regarding the safety practices of our mines and organization, we are still adhering to all safety procedures, practices, and protocol set forth by both the FMC (Federation of Chilean Mining Workers and the CTC (Confederation of Copper Workers) and will continue to operate and being a......

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