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Court Issues Analysis
Some courthouse issues that are taking place in this day and may be around in the future are due process and the crime control model, violence in the courthouse, language interpretation, and the dilemma of delay. Some other courthouse issues include should the exclusionary rule be banned, and does plea bargaining belong.
Courts and their Administrators’
Current and Future Issues Due process is a citizen’s right to justice same as when a person is presumed innocent, which protects the accused rights. With due process, each court case must involve formal fact finding(s) to uncover mistakes that were made by police and/or prosecutors. The crime control model is a breakdown of a person responsibility and defendants are presumed guilty. There are two types of courthouse violence. One of them is non-targeted violence, which involves an individual who does not have any intention that he/she will act out and become violent. When this person act is this type of manner it is most likely because the outcome of the court case, that is when anger take over. The most violent incidents came from this type of courthouse violence. Targeted violence involves someone who intend on causing harm or starting something in the courthouse. This type of violence is obviously premeditated and the attacker normally tries to avoid any other confrontations because they want everything to go as planned and unnoticed. In order to make security better in courthouses the threat assessment is being used. It has three principles: 1) to realize that targeted violence is the result of the thinking and acting process. 2) To know the difference between someone making an expressed threat and posing threat. 3) The risk for violence depends on the interaction between the attacker, target, situation, and setting.
There is no set timing for a criminal case to…...

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