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Clean -Tech Training and Mentoring Program

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Clean-Tech Performance and Career Management Plan
Jmettea P. McFadden
Les Colegrove
August 30, 2010

Clean-Tech Performance and Career Management Plan

Clean-Tech is committed to establishing itself as an industry leader in the cleaning and sanitation industry. In order to accomplish this objective, Clean-Tech must ensure its employees are meeting their highest level of performance. By setting up formal and effective performance and career management plan, Clean-Tech helps employees understand their job responsibilities and expectations of the company in terms of job performance. Performance appraisals are very important to the continued development of our sales team and to the mission of our company. “In general, appraisal serves a twofold purpose: (1) to improve employees’ work performance by helping them realize and use their full potential in carrying out their firms’ missions and (2) to provide information to employees and managers for use in making work-related decisions.” (Cascio, 2006, p.379) A performance appraisal form will allow a formal review to be conducted and recorded of an employee’s job performance. The proposed performance appraisal form for our sales team is attached.
Feedback is an important tool that must be utilized to develop an effective performance and career management plan. Feedback is necessary to sustain and improve employee job performance. Performance appraisal feedback must be a two way process and done on a regular basis. Feedback should be specific to recognized elements of performance (Cascio, 2006). Negative feedback must always include a list of positive things the employee can do to correct the behavior or the problem. Any individual feedback will be done on a one-on-one basis as needed following weekly and monthly team meetings as well as in the employee’s performance…...

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