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SWJ Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Concepts
MKT500 Assignment #1
January 21, 2012
Shedrick Williams Jr.

SWJ Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Service is a veteran owned business entering into its first year of business. SWJ Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Concepts recognize the need to provide a quality health based cleaning service to the locally owned business community. The objective of SWJ Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Concepts is to provide a more comprehensive and innovative health based cleaning system that promotes a much healthier atmosphere to work in. For a much more affordable cost or maybe less than the current commercial cleaning company, SWJ Cleaning Services can help keep employees, members or customers healthy. The Market Segment includes small to medium size offices in which healthcare providers conduct business on a daily basis, (for example: healthcare providers that conduct business as doctors, nurses, and dentists). This segment was chosen for the following reasons: 1) Due to the increasing number of infectious diseases cases, healthcare providers are being exposed to these illnesses at a much higher rate as they go about conducting their duties to treat their patients. 2) Employee illnesses have become increasingly costly in the business sector more and more. Because of this, business owners have been prompted to take more and more preventive measures to protect their employees from illnesses that are passed on through casual contact in most cases. In today’s healthcare environment there are many healthcare associated infections that are affecting a large portion of our population. According to an extensive report by the Huffington Post newspaper (, sick workers have cost the American economy $25 billion in lost productivity. The direct cost of colds and flu --…...

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