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Do you ever wonder what makes teams more effective in the communication channel? Do you ever wonder how you can make your teams grow effectively by learning from one another? I have been introduced to several topics in this course but the communication research that I would like to continue to would be communications in teams/or groups. Communication is the process through which the sender conveys a message that the receiver readily receives and understands. The function of team communication is to empower and inform the team with one vision and common goal. Team communication enables the members to be on the same side, which increases motivation and productivity. Members produce tasks and meet goals more effectively when they send and receive the right information at the right time. Members will differ based on learning style, job level and responsibility, and specific task. Leaders must know their members well enough to know who can handle how much information, as well as help each member understand the impact he has on the team, the project or the company.
All team members can contribute to the overall effectiveness of their unit by observing a few procedures. Foremost, members should converse freely about the project, especially any problems or concerns they have, focusing on specific actions or work-related behaviors. They should actively listen, clarifying what they hear with questions or by paraphrasing their grasp of the situation. They should share their ideas, questions, and answers, supporting others’ ideas rather than criticizing or blaming others or looking to take credit. Improper communication can leave a group or team at a standstill, or worse, dissolve the group or team completely. When communication breaks down, group members feel disconnected and lose trust and bonds with…...

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