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Community Health Nursing Intervention During the initial surveys and studies performed, the Town of Breckenridge was shown to be healthy and affluent. But, even with this affluence, and the services available because of it, there were populations that were shown to be vulnerable. These vulnerabilities are in part due to lifestyle choices of some residents as well as the access to health care due to job opportunities. The purpose of this paper is to address some of the community concerns raised as well as narrowing down to one priority issue. Interventions, expected outcomes and supporting documentation will be presented. Three priority community health and safety concerns

Three priority community health and safety concerns are: risk for increased substance abuse among young adults related to municipal legalization of marijuana, increased access to drugs and drug paraphernalia, and wide acceptance of drug usage; risk for severe injury/trauma of young adults related to age and young male demographic, participation in extreme sports (skiing, snowboarding), accepted culture of risky behaviors involving gravity and hard, fixed objects. And, after completing the assessment of the Summit Community Care Clinic, risk for ineffective management of therapeutic regimen among uninsured and under-insured residents related to the inability to afford healthcare and preventative care due to lack of insurance offered along with employment in many service/hospitality positions.

Since the municipal legalization of marijuana possession in ??? by referendum vote, Breckenridge has become a destination for drug usage by adults of all ages. According to Paramedic Chambers of the Summit County Ambulance Service (personal communication 4/15/2011), “it’s [marijuana] use is much more out in the open…...

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