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Community and Citizenship – Week 4

1. Identify five important issues in your community. (i.e. parking, pollution, access to healthcare or education). Be specific. Why do you consider these issues to be important?

Immigrant Population: Each year the number of immigrants that settle in Hamilton is highly unpredictable. They leave everything behind for the betterment of their future along with the worlds. My issue deals with the way these immigrants are treated and misused in a small city like Hamilton. According to me, immigrants new to the country need assistance to settle and adjust to the new environment which means having access to services which can help acquaint them with the sense of belonging in the community. However, immigrants usually get neglected as they’re not considered as a part of the family. Students from Hamilton pay about $2000 per semester where as newly arrived immigrants pay about $6000. We’re given the right to work and get paid $10.25 per hour just because we hold a citizenship card. Whereas immigrants that are found in Hamilton get paid less than $8 per hour with no days off.

Low Income: Low income affects access to health related necessities such as to shelter, nutritious foods, warm clothing and education. It can also affect the overall well-being of an individual as low income may increase stress, lower self-esteem and limit participation in the community. In Hamilton, a wide range of low income people are found on the streets everyday begging for money. Off course, they can quit the usage of drugs and drinks in order to save for the time of need but addiction has caused people of Hamilton to become beggars. People either have low income which can only support a few members of the family or are left jobless causing them to get on the wrong path. Education: Hamilton has the least amount of proper education…...

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