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All Students of first year of IT Management for Business.
In this article I would like to illustrate three books what you may use during studying PHP language at The University. Students of first years usually have a big problem with proper choice of a good book. I will do my best to help you with this problem .
The first book what I have chosen is “PHP The Bible” co-authors Tim Covers and Joyce Park. This fairly developed guide provides analysis of specific problems, also it help you become acquainted with the latest version of the PHP language to create scripts to HTML pages.
This book will learn you how to create websites with tracking session, use PHP for object-oriented programming and how to join the PHP code directly to e-mail programs. You also will learn how to secure website from hackers and how to use practically the mechanisms of cookie and redirect
“PHP4 The Bible” is the book that contains information for beginners and intermediate programmers of script based on PHP technology, which is becoming increasingly popular due to the speed of the running scripts.
Authors of this book Tim Covers and Joyce Park, are great experts. Mr Covers is a programmer with experience in web developer and he is instructor at the University of Chicago. Joyce Park is a writer on open source topics and web developer and she create web sites using PHP technology.
The primary advantage of this book is the style of writing. Clearly explained are considered problems. Language of this book is clear and concise.
Objectively described the basic matters and very well seen warnings for practitioners-not to unnecessarily lost their time on general things .
The book contains basic and strictly specialist information-for advanced programmers.
Another advantage of this book are examples taken from life, i.e. any additives, and advices for the so-called practitioners - people who…...

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