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Research Journal 2: The Power of Birth Order
In a TIME magazine article titled, “The Power of Birth Order,” Jeffrey Kluger goes through a long history of “unsuccessful” younger siblings of presidents. Elliot Roosevelt, brother to dear old Teddy, who died of alcoholism; Donald Nixon, bad with money and brother to Richard; Jimmy Carter’s younger brother Billy, known for stunts like urinating on an airport runway in full view of paparazzi and dignitaries; Roger Clinton, the kid brother to Bill, served time in jail for possession of cocaine; and let’s not forget Neil Bush, younger to ex-president George and ex-governor Jeb.
The impact of birth order plays an important part of whom you are and who you will be come later in life. Of all the things that could shape our lives, many of us can see the impact of birth order. This birth order impact is not limited to the average family it is noted with many families within the public eye for example, “There was Donald Nixon and the loans he wangled form billionaire Howard Hughes. There was Billy Carter and his advocacy on behalf of the pariah state Libya. There was Roger Clinton and his year in jail on cocaine conviction” (Time). There is Billy Ripken a major league baseball plays over shadowed by his older brother Cal. Have you ever heard of Tisa Farrow she is an actress only noted for the movie Zombie? However, many have heard of her older sister Mia. Is it our genes that make us who we are? Perhaps it is our brain chemistry or because to the school we attended, who helped shaped who we are.

Many researchers have study birth order have concluded that the oldest child is on the average three points higher on the IQ scale. In addition, the second child’s IQ is higher than the third. This recent study conducted by a group of researcher also noted that they were not sure as to the cause.
Many of the earlier research…...

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