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Amanda Ramos
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7 January 2014
Computer Shopper | Processor | RAM | Hard Disk Capacity | Price | MacBook Pro 15” | 2.3GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 | 2GB GDDR5 memory | 1TB PCIe-based Flash Storage | $3099 | Lenovo Yoga Ultrabook 13.3" | Intel 3rd Generation Core i5 | 4GB | 128GB SSD | $899 | Dell Inspiron One 20" All-In-One | Intel Pentium | 4GB Memory | 1TB Hard Drive | $399 | Asus Model: M51ACUS005S | Intel 4th Generation Core i5 | 16GB Memory | 3TB Hard Drive | $699.98 |
The professions I chose were a field mechanic, a photographer, and a student. The field mechanic travels around to different jobsites to perform their job so they would need a portable computer that can create spreadsheets, access the internet and something slightly ruggedized. Nothing fancy, it doesn’t need to be too powerful or even have that much space on its hard disk.
A photographer might prefer a Mac or MacBook, depending on whether they work out of an office or not, because of the graphics and display. Also, Apple’s operating system seems to strike a chord with the artistic type of person because it is clean and nice to look at. These computers tend to be very easy to work with.
Students will more than likely prefer a laptop computer that they can take to class, and can choose either a pc or a Mac since you can run Microsoft Office on either type of machine. Unless they want a computer for gaming they will not need anything with a lot of processing power, and unless they are studying graphic design or something like that they do not need a huge amount of memory.
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...PhotoDirector LE, PowerDirector LE. NT1100 Mr. In today’s world computers are used, in almost every profession, from doctors and lawyers, to graphic designers to cashiers, computers are everywhere and needed to basic infrastructure within a company. Some of the main professions that computers are highly needed are, doctors, graphic designers, and cyber security professional. Doctors work in a very stressful environment, with many patients whose illnesses and symptoms are to be recorded for future reference. A doctor with a simple desktop computer like the slim-line with 500 gigabytes of memory and 4 gigs of ram, can do his job as well as this computer, with a large amount of storage, many documents about patients can be placed in a safe location on the computer, and with 4 gigs of ram, the doctor can run multiple programs all at once without any lag, this computer comes stock with a Celeron processor, which is perfect for the desk job environment. Another profession which a computer is highly needed is Graphic Designs. This job doesn’t call for just any computer though. This job needs a computer with the ability to run high quality graphics, and do many things at once accordingly with the job. The perfect computer that I see fit would be the alienware 4K Ultra HD laptop. This laptop is something I consider the 800 pound gorilla of laptops. With the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M graphics card, this computer can in fact run very high quality graphics, to ensure that......

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