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Strategic Plan Pt. 1 Conceptualizing a Business
Bus/475 Samuel E. Dorville
Samuel Dorville

Mission: We sincerely believe in ensuring world-class personal gain with support through added value overcoming all obstacles.

The three keywords mission, vision and value hold significant importance in the success of a company. No organization can move without having a proper integration of these three essential elements in its business. The selected business for this paper is an organization “Switcharoo’s” which is a web based provider that gives allows recently married, divorced, and everyday people change and/or update their personal information from state drivers licenses to the names on your social security cards. The company can cater to an assortment of request no matter how intrique they may be along with a clear vision and mission.
As a nationwide web based service provider , Switcharoo’s will work in conjucntion with many entities both in private, federal, state, and local municpalities in the swift transition of name changes that are associated with marriage and/or seperation. Switcharoos offers unique services that are closely associated with the lifestyle change of the union of marriage. The organization knows how stressful this transition can be let alone without the proper guidance it may at times be mindboggling. Many newlyweds do not have the time nor the patience to get their document in order, thus is where Switcharoo’s come in to play where the organization helps simplify the process. The main USP of the company for achieving success all over the world is that our services will be defined for our efficiency and due dilliegnce in our efforts. The name of the company itself depicts that the company believes that our products should be the cornerstone of bridgeing the union together no matter what…...

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