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Consensual Relationship Agreements case Study
Steven C. Young
Strayer University
Organizational Behavior
Professor Stewart W. Edwards
April 20, 2012

Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study p.1
Argue for the use of Consensual Relationship Agreements (CRAs) in your current or future workplace
Consensual Relationship Agreements (love contracts), before you can argue the case for or against them you have to first understand what they are. A Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRA) is basically a written contract in which the romantically involved parties acknowledging the following things: the relationship is voluntary and consensual, they agree to abide by the employer’s antidiscrimination, antiharassment, and workplace conduct policies, promise to report any perceive harassment to management, if it occurs, they agree to behave professionally and not to allow the relationship to affect their performance, agree to avoid behavior that offends others in the workplace, and to not engage in favoritism. After further researching CRAs if do believe my current workplace would benefit from using it. I currently work in a call center which is dominated by female employees and the age difference is almost non-existent amongst representatives, supervisors, and associate directors. There is daily interaction between all parties and in human nature there are going to be instances of two individuals being attracted to each other. Currently there is a policy against supervisors dating representatives, supervisors dating associate directors. I feel this policy is unfair as you cannot control who you may be attracted to and a job should not have the right to determine who or who not you can be romantically involved. With the CRA in place you have the guidelines in place for which the romantically parties involved would have to follow and keep the…...

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...approaching labor and employment law firms for years about work romance issues. Many companies now ask “involved” employees to sign Consensual Relationship Agreements, more commonly known as “Love Contracts.” Love and the Law “These types of contracts have been around for about six or seven years,” Jones says. Before you consider another date with your new office partner, give some thought to what you might want to do if asked to sign one of these agreements. “Basically, it’s an agreement to not pursue litigation against the employer if the relationship goes bad,” Jones adds. Once two employees stop dating, one person may believe that the former partner no longer treats them fairly or ignores them when a promotion should be considered. Most employers realize that it’s unwise to ban all office romances. | It’s at this point that the less senior employee could claim that a “hostile work environment” has evolved–and pursue litigation against the employer. According to Jones, “Most employers realize that it’s unwise to try and ban all office romances. However, they are very interested in preventing these relationships from having a negative impact on the workplace.” By having both parties sign a Consensual Relationship Agreement, the two parties will be put on active notice of their separate rights and responsibilities, both during the course of the relationship and after its possible demise. Though some employees may be fearful of waiving future legal rights, Jones says,......

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...Consensual Relationship Agreements Consensual Relationship Contracts are often referred to as “Love Contracts.” These contracts are fairly new and have only recently been introduced into the workforce; they date back approximately to six or seven years ago. (Kellog forum) A consensual relationship agreement (CRA) is a written contract in which many companies are now presenting to employees who are romantically involved, within the same company. The contracts are often presented by human resources and the parties involved are asked to voluntarily sign them. Not to only protect the companies interest but the employees as well. The “Love Contracts” are being implemented by companies to assure that company policies and company conduct ethics are not breached by the romantic involvement between two of its employees. Workplace romances and relationships are becoming more commonplace as work hours are becoming longer and the concept of “team building” is become more widespread in the workforce. Most companies at some time used to have policies that prohibited interoffice dating. Now many experts warn against such policies stating that the outcome often concluded with employees rebelling against the policy and dating for the thrill. (Hellriegel, Slocum 65) Corporate culture had to become more flexible due to the change in the dynamics of their employees. In an environment where individuals with common interests are working in close proximity for 40 or more hours per week, an......

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...Consensual Relationship Agreement What is Consensual Relationship Agreement? Workplace is one of the most important places in our lives. We spend about one-third to half our life in the workplace. In the workplace blossom many romances, but the break-up of relationships is a common source of sexual harassment claims. Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRAs). Consensual relationship policy is an important tool in managing the risk of sexual harassment claims and reducing perceptions of favoritism. However, it must be considerately created and administered with care. I will analyze the concerns of CRAs at workplace, critics of CRA, the ethical intensity of CRSs from the perspective of the employer, specific ethical principles of CRSs, argument against and for the use of CRAs in my current workplace Ruby Tuesday restaurant. The Find Law website mentions a survey developed more than 15 years ago, on 1995, estimates that 80 percent of all employees have either observed or been involved in a romantic relationship at work. Employees have asserted claims for sexual harassment based on the theory that they can't receive the same benefits because they are not "sleeping with the boss." However, most courts have rejected this argument because such a consensual relationship disadvantages both male and female employees equally. The exception, of course, is where a supervisor propositions many employees, and only those who acquiesce receive......

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...Consensual Relationships Agreement Case study Argue for the use of Consensual Relationship Agreements (CRAs) in your current (or future) workplace. When it comes to work environments, there are many issues. One big issue that seems to be a problem when it comes to the workplace is the issue of sexual harassment and other problems related to this. In the workplace, it is important to know what is going on. It is inevitable that at some point, love will cross paths of two workers who happen to work at the same job. In every job environment, there are women who work with men. Because of this, it is important that all HR departments lay the foundation in training of what the boundaries are when it comes to one another. Relationship that fail can end up in sexual harassment cases which in turn exploits the job in a negative way. By having consensual relationship agreements, any cases of any type of harassment can be avoided. In some instances, jobs have found it difficult to decipher between acts that were wanted and acts that actually were not. When two people are in intimate relationships and they both work together, this can become an issue. If two people are involved in a relationship and then the relationship fails, can it be deemed as sexual harassment if one partner makes an unwanted gesture? If two people are involved in a relationship and the manager is not aware of it, can the manager deem it as sexual harassment if one partner reports the other because of......

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...Assignment #1 – Consensual Relationship Agreement Tammy Cochran Leadership and Organization -BUS 520 Dr. Reeley October 26, 2012 Abstract Consensual Relationship Agreements are common among many corporations or companies addressing workplace romance. In today's work place, romances and the related topics of sex and privacy have become important issues confronted by most employers. With more employees working longer days and spending so much time together on the job, romantic relationships are developing more frequently. Workplace romance may be the only option for employees whose workload limits their outside activities, but for employers, this trend may prove to be a problem as the potential liability associated with these relationships rises. Some organizations ban all workplace dating, while other employers have no policy at all to address these issues. Some companies now, find policies as being favorable and others find it to be harmful to the workplace output. The research has concluded that CRAs are more often a waste of time and are more pushy then helpful. Most organizations fall somewhere in between, with precise or at least unspoken policies that prevent or discourage certain workplace relationships. The workplace is for work not romance and if a relationship does come about it should be kept separate and should not have an effect on the workplace. According to Hellriegel & Slocum (2011), A Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRA) is......

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...Consensual Relationship Agreement Employers have always been very carefully about interpersonal relationships within employees. They realize the need to protect themselves from legal actions that may arise as a result of these love encounters. Workplace romance can lead to accusations of poor judgment, breaches of ethics, favoritism, lost productivity, poor employee morale, sexual harassment claims and even workplace violence. As a result of these issues, the companies have developed a new documentation for the employees called consensual relationship agreement. A consensual Relationship agreement also known as a “Love Contract” is one in which two people from mutually consent in an emotionally (romantic) and physical (sexually) intimate relationship and frees the employer from any litigation that may arise as a result of a breakup. By having both parties sign this document, they are immediately place on an active notice of their separate rights and responsibilities during the course of the relationship and after its possible demise. It affirms that the signees are aware of the company’s policies on sexual harassment and workplace ethics and understand the consequences of failure to follow those policies. So far, these agreements may be perceived as beneficial for the sake of the organization but how does this action affects the employee? Primarily the use of this agreement violates the privacy of the employee. Just the merely request to sign such a contract, can be......

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...analysis of the Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study Assignment 1 By: STUDENT NAME: Arlette Lamsa To: Dr. Evangeline Jefferson Professor: COURSE NAME: Bus 520: Leadership and organization Behavior STRAYER UNIVERSITY WASHINGTON, DC January, 2013 Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study Introduction: The purpose of this project is to examine the Consensual Relationship Agreement case study. By Definition, consensual relationship Agreement indicates an agreement read and signed by both Employers and employees by highlighting and confirming an obviously romantic relationship between both parties. The use of consensual relationship Agreement policy in general at the workplace, is fundamental for the employers and also employees. In many organizations, employees are in risks of potentials sexual harassments. But inevitably, some workers engage in a romance adventure at the office. Sometimes those romances end in a not so good term with pretty bad consequences. According to Hellriegel and Slocum (2011), the characteristics of a consensual Relationship agreement is defined as contract that set boundaries on certain office romance situations. They go as the following: decreasing sexual harassment litigation risk, reducing perceptions of favoritism, creating a forum to discuss professional workplace behavior, and reminding dating employees the lack of privacy in the workplace. This is to ensure all relationships are......

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...Consensual Relationship Agreements Strayer University Robert Guest Dr. Larry Hughes BUS520 In many and most large organizations the possibilities of a relationship is a very real situation. Spending at least most cases 40 plus hours a week which is more than most individuals spend at home or out looking for relationships gives a person the ability to create closer relationships with the opposite sex at the work place then it would anywhere else. Because of this there have been many opinions on whether or not to make the use of Consensual Relationship Agreements a standard practice among the work place. In today’s workplaces many organizations either prohibit or sway against any romantic engagements with other employees within their workplaces however, there are other companies that tend to let it happen and look the other way. According to the Society for Human Resources Management had no policy regarding the workplace relationship (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2010). This was until the adoption of the Consensual Relationship Agreements that turned into a contract for employees to ensure they are not allowing any workplace relationships reduce the efficiency of their work and also to protect the organizations from any legal issues that may arise from the involvement of employees and the possibility of bad breakups from relationships. A Consensual Relationship Agreement is an contract between a employee and management that states that the employee will not......

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...Consensual Relationship Agreement: A written agreement or contract in which the romantically involved parties acknowledge and adhere to specific guidelines in the workplace (Hellriegel/Slocum p 65). I have not worked for a company that had such an agreement. Matter of fact, reading this case study on Diversity Competency in the Organizational and Behavior text was the first I’ve heard of it; however, I personally have had a workplace romance. Several of my close married friends met their significant other in the workplace. Articles online specific to CRA’s declared they have only been around for six or seven years (Higher Education WebBlog, Consensual Relationship Agreement 5/23/2011) and 75% of employers do not have a policy on workplace relationships (Employment Law Alert, The Importance of a Workplace Romance Policy, 5/2/2011). Where it can be the epitome of distraction, it seems the healthcare industry is swarming with office romances. Many of these romances are temporary with harsh endings. A great employee might not want to continue working for an employer if an office romance went sour. This alone would be a strong argument for a Consensual Relationship Agreement. The text identifies the following guidelines in a CRA (Hellriegel/Slocum p 65):  Their relationship is voluntary and consensual  They agree to abide by the employer’s antidiscrimination, antiharassment, and workplace conduct policies.  They promise to report any perceived harassment to......

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...Running head: CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP AGREEMENTS Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study Argument for CRA The use of consensual relationship agreements (CRA) in my future workplace should be taken seriously. The last workplace I was in did not have a CRA policy in place. The only thing I knew they would do is make sure the couple did not work in the same department. This is, assuming their relationship was known. I believe it is important to have this policy. Hellriegel and Slocum (2011) point out some statistics regarding workplace romance: “According to a survey by, an online career center, 47 percent of the 1,000 professionals surveyed had been involved in an office romance, and another 19 percent would consider it. Of those individuals who had a romance, 11 percent had dated their managers or another manager” (p. 65). CRAs help protect the company as well as the employees who are romantically involved, especially when one is a manager, and the other is a subordinate. Hellriegel and Slocum (2011) have four reasons they expect employees to sign a CRA. They believe it will: (1) decrease the risk of sexual harassment litigation; if the relationship ends, the employees may claim they were pressured into the relationship. The CRA states that their relationship is voluntary and consensual. (2) It will reduce other employees from speculating favoritism; the CRA plainly states they are not to show favoritism, especially when one of them is in a......

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...Consensual Relationship Agreement Zachery Jenkins BUS 520: Leadership and Organizational Jelena Vucetic 4/22/12 Consensual Relationship Agreements According to studies, about 80% of people have either been in or witnessed romantic relationships in their workplace (Loftus). Consensual Relationship Agreements or “Love Contracts” are guidelines and agreements between employer and employee on handling these workplace romances. The idea behind these contracts is to differentiate between what is actually an office romance, what is consensual, versus actions that are uninvited, such as sexual harassment. Now whether or not they are necessary or even effective depends on how you choose to analyze them. CRAs could deem themselves pretty useful in my current workplace. Full time employees work an average of 45 hours per week, which is a little over 26% of the entire week if broken down into a percentage. Spending over a quarter of your week in the same place, with the same people, both male and female, the possibility of attraction between two individuals involved will certainly increase. Since it’s nearly impossible to manage human nature, adopting policies and guidelines to accommodate these romances, would actually be fostering the mental psyche of the modern professional man and woman, and allowing them to work in more comfortable and secret-free environment. In the type of team environment that I work in, where each employee has to interact with another on a daily......

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...520: Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study Assignment I Angela Denise Nelson Danielle Camacho BUS 520: Leadership and Organizational Behavior July 22, 2012 Workplace relationships will eventually occur as employees of all interest and backgrounds are put into a melting pot. Some say that the workplace has become the new singles bar. Also, the workplace has become a place for extramarital affairs and some same sex relationships. As people share common interest, attractions occur, eventually leading to a relationship. It is important for employers to realize that workplace relationships are going to occur and to have policies set in place. It is not a suggested practice to forbid workplace relationships, but it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the organization and to maintain a functional office environment. Unfortunately, workplace relationships can lead to accusations of poor judgment, breach of ethics, favoritism, lost of productivity, poor employee morale, sexual harassment claims and workplace violence. Consensual relationship agreements or “love contracts” should no be used as the sole means of protection from litigation, they should be used to supplement a business’s antiharassment policy, and other legalities that may occur upon the demise of the relationship. Consensual relationship agreements are written contracts in which employees involved in a workplace relationship......

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...counterparts within the workplace. Trying to manage human nature and the evolution of interpersonal relationships at work have a positive and negative effect on all parties involved; directly and indirectly. Relationships in general are emotional roller coasters therefore anyone choosing to engage in romance in the workplace must be made aware that they are taking a gamble. Consequently, employers attempting to permit these interactions will also be taking a risk. Implementing a Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRA) may be beneficial with forming workplace boundaries and aid in the facilitation of continuity and maintenance of workplace efficiencies when these types of relationships exist. CRAs are virtually “love contracts” which implement guidelines and agreements between employer and employee regarding the handling of workplace romantic interactions. This type of agreement constitutes the relationship as consensual between individual adults, requires the parties to attest to the fact that it will not hinder the job performance of either individual, in the event the relationship is short lived it identifies the potential consequences of any irreconcilable differences resulting from the romantic relationship, and holds the employer harmless and releases the employer from liability of any negative consequences resulting from the continuation or dissolution of the relationship. Contracts of this type of personal nature are prone to be intrusive and easily susceptible to......

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