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Construction Scenario Paper Sure build, Inc., is a construction company, they are now hiring for a jack hammer operator; Mei Lin is the hiring manger. Sure build is advertising the position in the newspaper. The advertisement states that the applicant must have a high school diploma.

Michelle has a high diploma, and she is experience with a jack hammer. Michelle appears to be pregnant. This jack hammer position would not be a proper job for Michelle if she is pregnant. She would not be able to perform any of the duties of a jack hammer operator. She cannot sue the Sure build Inc. for discrimination. There is an act that forbid employees form not hiring women because they are pregnant or related medical issues. If Michelle is pregnant she will not be hired, this is to protect her and her unborn child.

Felipe speaks no English and has no high school diploma under Title 7 Mei Lin cannot just not hire
Felipe because he is not from the United States. If she do she will be in violation of the national origin or
Heritage Discrimination Act; which states you cannot discriminate against a person because of their
Nationality, were there from, and their accents. In the advertisement the jack hammer operator must have a high school diploma. Felipe do not have a diploma, so he does not qualify.

Eric is experience with a jack hammer but he does not have a high school diploma, and a high school diploma is required. Eric cannot sue the company claiming that he was not hired because of his age. He do not meet the requirements.

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Construction Scenario Paper

Nick is a college graduate, but he does not have jack hammer experience. Jack hammer experience is not a requirements that was stated in the advisement. Nick has epileptic, his condition will prohibit him from…...

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