Controversial Issues in Entertainment Paper

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Controversial Issues in Entertainment Paper

Today there are various different controversial topics that can be found all across the mass media. As time continues on into the future one can also look at the timeline of controversial topics throughout history and see how the public perception has also changed as time has progressed. The change of public opinions overtime may very well be due to the fact of how the media presents the topic to the public. The portrayal of a certain controversial subject can either demonize or glorify a particular topic all depending on the public’s mindset during that specific time and the presentation of the story. Such specific controversial topics overtime to name which created this bias include: Freedom of Speech, African-American rights, women’s rights, racism, and the topic of In God We Trust vs. Freedom of Religion in America. These are just a few to name from previous years as today’s ethical issues include: war, same sex- marriages, legalization of marijuana, divorce, crime increase, equality, and Global Warming. The different forms of communication that have been used to reach the mass media overtime are the newspaper, telegraph, radio, magazines, television, and internet. The definition of the news can be classified into two concepts. “News and newsworthiness”, that means that the main objective of the press is to release information about significant changes that can affect a large group of people or possibly society as a whole (Vivian, 2011). Television reporter’s main intent is to always stay away from sounding biased, which means both debating parties should be presented in the story. An example of a current ethical issue with strong controversial debate is pollution, where there are two parties which fell they have credible evidence either proving humans are the main cause or due…...

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