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Adolescents all over the world can mention at least three things about their body which they don’t like. When they look at themselves in the mirror, the first thing they say is not ‘’I look so pretty today!’’, but ‘’I want to lose some weight’’, even if they don’t. Young people compare themselves to the beautiful people in the magazines, and think that they have to look like them to look ‘’normal’’.
Many teenagers want to correct their body with plastic surgery, even if they are not mature yet.
The two texts ‘’Plastic surgery for teens’’ written by Valerie Ulene and ‘’Seeking Self-Esteem Through Surgery’’ written by Camille Swenney, illustrates how teenagers and their parents feel about plastic surgery

1. Give an outline of the various views on plastic surgery for teenagers which are presented in text 1 and 2.
Cosmetics surgery has come to our modern society, and adolescents and teenagers use it very well, while they don’t know much about the consequences and how plastic surgery hurts the body, and even not help with one’s bad self-confidence. According to Diane Zuckerman in the text ‘’Plastic Surgery for teens´’ by Valerie Ulene, youngsters consider images of men and women who have had done plastic surgery as beautiful, or even worse, they think it is the ideal body image and they want to fit the mole.
The text says that cosmetic surgery may not be appropriate for adolescents. It seems ridiculous to fix your look before you are mature. According to the text, teenagers take every imperfection seriously, and that can influence what they think of themselves, so plastic surgeons argue that surgery can improve teenagers’ self-esteem. If you don’t look pretty enough, it can be the source of teasing and self-imposed isolation.
Besides this, studies shows that teenagers naturally begin to feel better about the way they look through adolescence, but teenagers…...

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