Courage of the American Soldier

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Courage of the American Soldier

Courage of the American Soldier

What comes to mind when you hear the word courage? Bravery, fear, or may be…nothing at all. To me when I hear the word courage or even courageous I think of the American Soldier. Courage can often be hard to define and or even harder to demonstrate. As an American Soldier of the United States Army we live by seven Army Values, which I believe are all equally important. The seven values that I am speaking of are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and the seventh value "Personal Courage". Personal Courage as defined by the Army is to face fear, danger or adversity which I believe is the same as being courageous. In my 24 years of service, I have encountered numerous situations that have required me and other Soldiers to be courageous on several occasions. To be courageous does not mean you have to be heroic or do something grand, it can be small things. Examples I retain are having to leave home and face an unknown enemy and not even know if you will return. This is what makes the American Soldier a person of great courage. Every Soldier has been raised by their parents with a different set of moral values and beliefs which can affect what they find "courageous". But to me, being courageous professionally is to know what your duty is in relation to yourself, the Army and the people you work with. For example, I am currently working as an Army Inspector General (IG). My duty in relation to the Army is to act as a moral compass and a fair and impartial fact finding for the command and ensure there is no wrong doing. To my staff it is to provide them with the training they need to make them successful, the support they need to accomplish their daily duties, and to ensure they…...

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