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Consensual Relationship Agreement Case Study

Tamiliah S. Spivey

Dr. Gail Ferreira

BUS 520- Leadership and Organizational Behavior

April 22, 2012

My paper will interpret the issues that may arise when there are relationships in the workplace where I presently work. For any organization to thrive and be successful in a recession and other companies that are competition, they must have certain policies and procedures in place.
The current consensual relationship agreement that we presently have in place at Clarks Companies specifically entails if there is a consensual relationship between a supervisor and subordinate, they would need to contact human resources as soon as possible. The reason being is the other employees that may have knowledge of the relationship will say that they are receiving preferential treatment because they are dating someone they report to.
Consensual Relationship Agreement – Arguments:
I feel that having and using the consensual relationship agreement can protect our workers and they will feel comfortable with coming into work and not worried about being retaliated by the individual they were dating, especially if they were the one to end the relationship.
While some companies prohibit workplace relationships, Clarks Companies know that it’s inevitable while working in a company of 500 employees, we try to give them the tools needed to use good judgment if they find themselves being in a relationship with someone they work with.
Personally I feel that having a consensual relationship agreement is a great policy to have in place for several reasons. Workers spend most of their time at work then with their families, or people that are single it created less time for them to meet people outside of the office.
The advantages of not having a written policy is that it allows management flexibility in establishing…...

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