Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

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Tyco International Ltd. was started by Arthur Rosenburg in 1960 and became owned publicly in 1964. Within 1973 to 2001, Tyco International Ltd. Grew swiftly amid the acquisitions of different companies with “annual revenues of more than $500 million and a net worth of nearly $149 million (Tyco, 2004-2009). The New York Stock Exchange depicts Tyco International Ltd. as a “diversified global provider of security products and services, fire protection and detection products and services, valves and controls, and other industrial products” (NYSE, 2009).” As a diversified company Tyco International Ltd. Comprise of five sections: ADT Worldwide, Electrical and Metal Products, Fire Protection Services, Flow Control, and Safety Products” (NYSE, 2009).
Though the company got enormous earnings from their acquisitions, the Securities Exchange ran an enquiry on Tyco International Ltd. ensuing in the resignation of then CEO Dennis Kozlowski in the wake of the allegation of misusing millions of company funds for private use. Furthermore the then CFO Mark Swartz was also charged with the distortion of fiscal report to inflate stock prices and subsequently trading the stock for more $500 million dollars. With the resignation of Kolzowski, Ed Breen became the new CEO; he promptly restructured the board of directors and the senior level executives of Tyco International Ltd. Organizational behavior theories such as administrative misdeeds and the absence of managerial responsibility may perhaps illustrate why the then CEO ( Kozlowski) and the then CFO( Swartz) decided to take the course of unscrupulous and unlawful path.

Organizational Misbehavior
Organizational misbehavior can be defined as “any intentional act by an organizational member within the organizational context that violates organizational and/or societal norms” (Vardi & Wiener, 1996). The consequence of the…...

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