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“What can I take away from the experience of observing this video that will help me build knowledge and self-awareness in therapeutic communication? “ ß • Woman is laying down on her side in a recovery-like position
• Woman is responding but noticeably affected with slow response
• Paramedics initial observation is they believe the woman may have had a stroke, the actual extent of that they cant tell.
• Dad asks about the baby and if it will be alright
• The dad who was present was being calm and collected answering any questions

• The paramedics throughout the ordeal were constantly monitoring her and her baby.
• They were communicating throughout about their current thoughts and what they were planning to do. When they were doing something such as placing the sphygmomanometer on her, they were communicating as to what she was going to experience when they begun using it. Mosbys 2007 has tips for improving patient communication.

• I felt that by communicating through the dad they were also able to keep him remaining calm
• The way that the paramedics not only used there verbal communication with the woman but the comforting gestures is something that I feel would be good to learn and improve on

• Clinical approach o Constantly monitoring the woman throughout the ordeal o History taking – asking about any previous pregnancies, Illnesses, previous hospitalisations and family history (father died of a stroke)
• I have had a similar experience before in my workplace (a Woolworths Supermarket). An elderly woman had slipped over. Initially we believed that she had just fallen over and everything was going to be fine. However once the paramedics had arrived, gone through the whole clinical approach to try and diagnose her and her symptoms, they believed that she had, had a stroke and took her to hospital. So seeing it first hand, I know how scary and frightening it must be, especially as not only a husband but as a future father.


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