Cultural Industries

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Cultural industries
Marketisation Concentration
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Globalisation Commodification
Gift economy
Informal economy
Give me an example, tell me more about your day yesterday.
Frame the questions in an open ended and relevant manner.
Don’t just synthesise the interview and report on it. Analyse the information according to the readings.

1 Why did you choose to do what you do for a living? 2 How supportive was your family in regards to your decision to become a full time rock musician? 3 What do you think of the current music scene? Is it hard being an independent artist in India? 4 Have you felt that you have had to compromise your identity and creativity as an artist or you might have to in the near future to taste some success? 5 What motivates you every day to keep on going even though you know times are hard and financial security is very important? 6 What are the major changes you have seen happening in the scene during the time you have been active in the music scene? 7 What are your views on Rock music being the ‘ Rich Kids’ domain as a lot of the musicians in the Indian rock scene are from families who can support them? 8 What has been your proudest achievement till date and why? 9 If you could go back in time, would you choose to walk down another career path? 10 What is your advice to up and coming local Rock musicians in India?

The new things that have been happening are that the younger generation is more open to experimentation and not following the conventional path laid out in front of them by their parents or the society. More and more independent record labels are popping up supporting these small bands with cutting albums and selling them and helping them organise small shows. The technological advancements have made Indian youth more aware…...

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