Cultural Shock

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Cultural Shock.

How could Frank have better prepared for the cultural shock he experienced?

When visiting a country, one should expect people to have a different attitude about daily life and business. Expect there to be different Customs than our own, and expect behavior differences. To prepare for cultural shock Frank should have studied the country he was visiting. He should have been familiar with the norms, the behaviors and the costumes of that country. We believe that Frank should have been in Mexico a couple of days before meeting with the other company and should have set aside extra days to stay in Mexico. Chaney talks about Birslins (1981) five stages to coping with a new culture during short visits. He explains that the first stage is the “unacceptance of the host culture.” Chaney says that in this stage the traveler makes no effort to learn the language or the custom of the host culture. I believe that Frank is in this stage since he tells the client that he doesn’t want to declines the wine and the invitation to visit local sites. The book also talked about the qualifications when working in a different culture. Frank lacked most of them which are; Adaptability, flexibility, empathy and tolerance. Frank did not adapt well to the idea of talking about something different than business. He wasn’t flexible to the other things Juan, the manager of the firm in Mexico, had to offer (the wine). He also had no tolerance of that. In conclusion, like I said before, Frank should have studied the culture of Mexico and the norms in order to be patient and…...

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...Culture Shock Encountering a culture very different from the culture someone’s accustomed to is usually accompanied with a feeling of confusion and anxiety which is called a culture shock1. Culture shock is very common among students and immigrants in the US. It is very difficult to avoid even with extensive preparation because there are many things about each culture that cannot be found or reflected in books. There are three main causes to culture shock are the absence of familiar culture, presence of seemingly alien or irrational culture, and lacking the ability to overcome the barriers and adapt to new culture rapidly. The absence of the normal environment and everyday life can be a nightmare to many people. Change is not a very comfortable thing to do especially when it is at the cost of spirituality, clothing, and food. To some, the absence of prayer calls sounds calling out loudly alone is depressing. To others, the fact that they cannot wear the comfortable cloths they are used to is a burden. Clothing can be sometimes a religious duty which is very difficult to fulfill in many societies. In addition, many find it extremely difficult to adapt to local food and would do anything for a male prepared just the way they are used to. The presence of seemingly irrational, inscrutable, offensive or even hostile aspects of the new culture is another cause of culture shock. Some people find it irrational to have the driver seat on the left side. This caused a lot of......

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...symptoms mostly were the feeling of loneliness and sadness. I also slept a lot. I felt like I just wanted to go deeper and deeper in my sleep and dream about my sweet home. I refused to go out and talk to native people. All I did was sitting in front of my laptop and watched Vietnamese movies or read Vietnamese magazines. It was all for the purpose of killing time and forgetting the emptiness in my heart. There are a lot of different theories about the phases of culture shock. The differences mostly depend on each individual’s personality. The most common theory is identified by Kalvero Oberg. He discovered the five distinct stages of culture shock in 1958, the five stages of culture shock. The first stage is called “honeymoon stage”. When entering to a new country, you may feel excited and eager to experiences new things. You’re in awe of the differences you see. Just looking at everything in the new place reminds you of sweet home during this stage. Desi Downey, an author of the article Culture Shock: It's the Little Things That Count in the Biggest Ways, lived in China for six years, and taught English there for much of that time. She narrated her own story when she first moved to China since her husband was offered a chance to work there. Before she ever left the States, she was really excited. The first thing she did was “run down to the local bookstore and buy a whole bunch of books about China, the Chinese people and how to speak Chinese” (Desi, 1). Anyone......

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...My perfect summer I never imagined a wonderful summer as the one I have spent in Logan. Global Academy 2012 gave me the opportunity to experience the most unforgettable moments of my life. Despite the cultural shock, the lonely I felt at the beginning and all de embarrassing moments I had, Logan have been the perfect place for me to grow as a person, to improve my English, to make new friends, and to become more independent. I just can describe this summer as my best summer ever, my perfect summer. My most memorable moment in Logan was the ropes course because I was doing really challenging things, things that I never thought I could do. After I achieve my goals at the ropes course and overcame all the challenging things I felt a great satisfaction and self-realization. At the beginning I was shock by American culture but as soon as I started understanding it I enjoy every single moment in Logan. I really loved my first academic track excursions. I went to a restaurant in a small town called Ogden and I tried the Mormon Muffin, it was so delicious. I also had a great time at the Independence Day celebration at Rommie Stadium, the fireworks were amazing. I had never seen so many fireworks in one night. I was so amazed and I took a lot of pictures with my camera. These experiences gave me the opportunity of talk with native speakers and improve my English skills. Shopping in Logan is one of the things I enjoyed the most; the clothes, shoes, and almost everything are so...

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Culture Shock is based on practical work in Canada. For example, the teachers will give you a lot of assignments, projects, and internships. but in Pakistan, most work is based on paper work. For example, the Pakistani education system relies on memorization whereas; in Canada more analysis is required. I am more active in Canada if I compare it to my own country. Also, my relationship with friends is so better than Pakistan in Canada. In addition, the culture is totally different from Pakistan. In Canada there are a lot of religions and a lot of foods as compare to Pakistan. Thus, the changes in my life have come in three ways: educational, personal, and cultural. The first, change in my life is educational change. How has this change occurred for me in Canada? My education in Pakistan is completely different from Canada. According to Culture shock (n.d), for instance, in moving to a new country an individual might love teaching style in his life. For example, Pakistan teachers deliver their lectures on a white board. They do not use the projector and document camera. But the Canadian teachers deliver their lecture on a document camera and use a projector. In Pakistan most work is based on paper work; they do not suggest you take an internship and do not focus on your skill and projects. But here in Canada most work is on practical work. The teacher will give you a lot of assignments, quizzes and projects and like (exam, report writing, research projects etc.). In Pakistan I do not......

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... Culture Shock has been defined as “a feeling of uncertainty, confusion, or anxiety that people experience when visiting, doing business, or living in a society that is different from their own.  Culture shock can arise from a person’s unfamiliarity with local customs, language and acceptable behavior, since norms can vary significantly across cultures.” (INVESTOPEDIA)  While this definition pertains more to individuals than institutions, culture shock can doom foreign businesses from the start.  There are four main areas in which culture shock can affect business: consumer behavior, local demand, buying decisions, and brand image (Maitah, 2011).                  Regardless of whether a company is opening on domestic soil or overseas, consumer behavior plays a significant role in its success or failure.  When investing internationally, the amount of time a company has to react to markets is limited due to increased investment costs.  As a result, the corporation must offer a product of high quality at an affordable price in order to introduce and establish itself.  Researchers from Butler University, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign theorize, “We reason that cultural factors are a part of the fundamental factors contributing to the formation of a person’s general perceptual lens.  Specifically, we reason that cultural factors may influence customer behavioral intentions through perceived service quality which in turn...

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...Cultural shock or shocking culture..! I would like to describe culture shock as a difficulty which distresses most of us to some degree. We might almost call culture shock an occupational disease of many people who have been suddenly transplanted abroad. Culture shock is precipitated by the anxiety that results from losing all familiar signs and symbols of social intercourse. These signs are the thousand and one ways in which we orient ourselves to the situations of daily life: when to shake hands and what to say when we meet people, when and how to give tips, how to give orders to servants, how to make purchases, when to accept and when to refuse invitations, when to take statements seriously and when not. These cues, which may be words, gestures, facial expressions, customs, or norms are acquired by all of us in the course of growing up and are as much a part of our culture as the language we speak or the beliefs we accept. All of us depend for our peace of mind and our efficiency on hundreds of these cues, most of which are unconsciously learned. When an individual enters a strange culture, all or most of these familiar cues are removed. He or she is like a fish out of water. No matter how broad-minded or full of good will he may be, a series of props have been knocked from under him. This is followed by a feeling of frustration and anxiety. People react to the frustration in much the same way. First they reject the environment which causes the discomfort: "the...

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...International Students Deal with Culture Shock The population of international students in foreign countries continues to surge in recent years with students coming from a range of nationalities. For instance, according to the Institute of International Education, “Over 723,270 international students intended [sic] U.S. Colleges, universities and institutes in the 2010 – 2011 school year” (Foreign Students). The number of foreign students in the United States has been increasing gradually over the past few years. “Numerous universities specifically take measures to attract international students for financial reasons as well as a measure to enrich the college environment and add diversity to the students’ population” (Hser 37). However, many international students have been facing many challenges and problems to adapt themselves to the new foods, activities, cultures, customs and languages in the foreign country. The process of adapting, understanding and recognizing these changes is called culture shock. The deep understanding of the meaning of culture shock, the stages of culture shock and the solutions to overcome culture shock can reduce the rate of culture shock problems. The phrase “culture shock” denotes the anxiety that can be experienced when people move from a familiar culture to a different culture. It can affect anyone who travels to a foreign country at any time, perhaps especially international students. According to Oberg, “Culture shock may be defined as the......

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...convenience to daily life and pioneers new cultural trends. "Demand-creating" products, which Casio’s opinion will create markets of their own, produce economic and technological ripple effects. Strategic advantages of Casio in product development are realized by focusing on the following two core areas: 1. Superb product planning driven by accurate assessments of people's needs 2. Superior technologies to make products that meet those needs Competitive strategy in the luxury watchmaking industry: Per Michael Porter, the three fundamental competitive strategies for outperforming competitors in a long term perspective in luxury watch market are (i) differentiation, (ii) overall cost leadership and (iii) focus. These strategies are defined using the criteria of strategic advantage and strategic target. In order to implement these strategies correctly, companies need to develop different skills, gather particular resources and have an adequate organization of the company as in the following figure. Each of these strategy provide defense against the Porter’s five forces. Companies usually set one of these strategies as their primary target, but it is rare to find these strategies totally “pure” and free from any influence of the two others. CASIO uses differentiation followed by cost leadership as its strategy. For example, Casio exploded conventional wisdom with the concept for a shock-resistant watch and the G-SHOCK was born. Casio has developed this......

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...can’t dance with the kind of songs that they play during the night. That’s why they don’t really dance, they jump! Actually, it’s doesn’t seem to be a very important issue, because the police are always there, to ruin the party… And by last, something that really scared me is the language. Sometimes I am really frustrated because I cannot understand when somebody talks me, or when I don’t know how to express an idea. I mean, I am conscious that it is not my language and that I am here to learn, but… why it is taking me so much time to be more fluent?! Some people, even professors, are not very patient, and they don’t seem to accept when foreign people takes some time to talk. To sum up, I believe that I am not having a strong culture shock. Obviously, I miss a lot of things of my lovely Argentina, but I am open-minded and I am here just for a few months, and I want to learn, not only business and English, but also about them and their culture. And, in my opinion, the first step is to accept it, and try to live as they do, adopting the good things and trying not to imitate the bad ones....

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...SHOCK APPEAL IN ADVERTISING: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY OF CONSUMERS PERCEPTION 1.0 INTRODUCTION Due to globalization and competitiveness in business, organizations roll out different commercials in other to break through the advertising clutter so as to be noticed by the consumers thereby subjecting them to thousands of adverts on daily basis. As a result, they exceed what is considered ethical and the commercial is considered to be very provocative. This has lead to the aim of this research which is to unravel how consumers perceive provocative advertising when shock appeal is used as a conductor. According to Pickton and Broderick (2005), they opined that advertising is a form of communication used to influence individuals to purchase products or services, support ideas and pass relevant information or caution across to the targeted audience. In delivering those messages highlighted above, ad agency adopts different appeals that can help them reach large number of the targeted audience without encountering high cost. Such appeals adopted are rational appeals, emotional appeals, sex appeal, fear or anger appeal etc. However, for the course of this research, emphasis will be laid on shock appeals . 1.1 RESEARCH OBJECTIVE To identify shock commercials strategies and the extent organization use them. To define shock advertising and why organization use them. To identify the relationship between consumer perception of shock commercial. Using gender and age of target......

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