Current Ethics Paper

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Current Ethics Paper
April 15, 2012
Rebecca Montano

Current Ethics Paper

The virtual organization I am writing about is Baderman Island Resort. Baderman Island resort is a self-contained, all-inclusive resort destination. The island features an array of restaurants, three different hotels to meet your individual needs, and an almost unlimited list of activities to entertain and relax you. The resort was built with everything anyone would want for rest and relaxation. The resort is a perfect destination for everyone from family vacationer to corporate retreats, the possibilities are endless.
This paper will address three ethical and moral issues that Baderman Island Resort is currently facing; substandard equipment; data security, and deceptive pricing tactics. Ethical and moral issues occur daily in business organizations. Some ethical issues are governed by law but moral issues are basic right and wrong choices management, employees, and customers faced daily. Substandard Equipment
Baderman Island Resort is a self contained island that has three hotels over a 1000 sprawling acres with beautiful beach views, golf courses, botanical gardens, convention center, art gallery, and spas. The problem is when the resort was built; the original plans were for a smaller island with fewer hotels, and less equipment. A recent, unusual storm affected the island last month and caused flooding and power outages. Many of the posting from guest, on the facilities blog, voiced concerned regarding the flooding on the island and the loss of power to the facilities.
The owners were informed that the size of the island was too large for most of the electrical and plumbing equipment that has been previously installed. The unexpected stormed caused power outages and flooding across most of the island. This is an ethical and moral issue for the owners.…...

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