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Expert Committee Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies CRAF

Expert Committee Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies
What is the Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies?
Established in 1988, the Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies (CRAF) represents all the major radio astronomical observatories in Europe. Its mission is to coordinate the protection of the frequency bands used by radio astronomers in Europe to keep them free from interference. This task will remain indispensable for astronomical science in the foreseeable future. The committee’s pursuit of this goal is becoming increasingly difficult because of the steady increase in global use of the electromagnetic spectrum for both terrestrial and space-borne communications such as mobile telephones. CRAF is working to address this issue by coordinating a common policy on spectrum protection for the European research communities in radio astronomy, passive remote sensing and related sciences; representing this policy and these communities in interactions with the relevant national and supranational entities at the European and international level; and initiating and encouraging scientific studies aimed at reducing interference and the effects of interference at source. At the European level, the committee plays a key role in defining, coordinating and articulating the frequency needs of the radio astronomy community.
CRAF is an Expert Committee of the European Science Foundation (ESF). The ESF is an independent organisation, owned by 79 Member Organisations among which are funding organisations and research organisations, academies and learned societies from 30 countries. ESF promotes collaboration in research itself, in the funding of research and in science policy activities at the European level.

Radio Sky at 408 MHz. The map has 0.85 degree resolution and has been compiled from measurements…...

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...Student Trainee’s Daily Journal Name of Student Trainee: Pantino, Steffi Kay D. Course: BSA - 4 Faculty Adviser: Mr. Wendell Ang Name of Company/Institution/Organization: RP Mora Accounting and Law Office Name of Supervisor: Ms. Victoria Meñoza Area Assigned: Audit Department Period Covered: December 1, December 3 and December 4 of 2015 No. of Hours: 24 hours Date | What I Did(Activities) | What Did I Learn? | Deficiency/ Concerns | December 1, 2015 | Today, I was asked to vouch for the expenses of Landbank Employees Credit Cooperative by looking into their general journal, cash disbursements and cash receipts for the year. | My supervisor told me that auditing for Landbank Employees Credit Cooperative would be quite a challenge since cooperatives have different accounting practices. While I was vouching for the various expenses, I realized how valuable official receipts are. It is indeed very helpful that they are numbered. | I have no concerns for today. | December 3 , 2015 | I was asked by my supervisor to verify the material amounts of the cooperative’s loans receivable. I again looked into the general journal, cash disbursements and cash receipts for the year. | I learned that before looking into the loans receivable of a company or organization, it is very important that you study their lending policies first. Vouching......

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