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Where would our world be today if the ancient civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Palestine did not exist? Who do we have to thank for their achievements? What contributions did they make to society? In these paragraphs the ancient world of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Palestine will come back to life as I talk about their achievements and contributions that helped not only to their civilizations, but helps to the future civilizations to come. In 2650 B.C. Egypt's Old Kingdom era began. (Document 1) During this time period dynasties were created and in those dynasties were Egyptian rulers called pharaohs. The pharaohs had majestic pyramids as tombs built to show their power. These pyramids started the architectural development. Every since the Egyptian civilization started the Egyptians believed in faithful life after death. On judgment day the more pure you are the better and kinder judged you will be by Osiris the god of the dead. (Document 3) The Egyptians wore clothing made out of cotton. Cotton is one of the world's most important agricultural products and not many civilizations could grow it so the Egyptians sold it. (Document 4) Egyptians had a system of writing called hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics are a form of pictures to create an idea. Over time scribes developed demotic a simpler form of writing. They wrote on paper like material called papyrus. The Egyptians were among the first to use something to write on rather than stone and clay tablets. Now today we have paper that would not exist if it was not for papyrus. The ancient Egyptians mummification is like today's preparation of a body for a funeral. Egyptians had so many achievements and contributions not only to their world but ours as well. There are two civilizations I will talk about in Mesopotamia, the Sumerians and the Babylonians. The Sumerian civilization appears in Mesopotamia in 3000…...

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