Dealing with a Dead Situation

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Dealing With a Dead Situation
John 11:1-4 & 17-27

Saints for the next few minitues I want to talk to you about the situations that are in your life. In order to deal with the situations that we are going to have to face in this world, we must learn how to deal with some situations in your life and allow them to die. We all go and are going through things that seems to hard for us to bear. There are many things that we have been praying for and we wonder Lord are you listening to me? Some of us been praying the same prayer so long that we feel like maybe this is one He just isn’t going to answer. I stop by to let you know that He hears every prayer and it is how you are dealing with the situation that is affecting the answer.
Don’t you realize that He told us that we have the power to speak things into exsistance. Take not that on the 3 P’s.
P= I have taught you in my word how to first Pray
P= I have given you the Power to speak over your situation
P= Then after you have pray and authorized your power to speak, then you have to learn to leave it alone and Praise for the result.
Some of us don’t want our situations to die. We get all the attention as long as we are going through.
If the Lord make a way for my bills to be paid, I can’t hit up the mission department no more.
If he heal me, then the mothers want come over and cook and clean for me no more
You don’t want your situation to die because that is the only way your lazy self have learned how to survive.
Saints be honest there are some that have been living off the church so long that they don’t know how to do anything else.
There are situations that should be dead but when will you let them die.
This might the only part that I directly address the youth and it is not for the youth per say, but it is for the parents. Parents you been praying…...

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