Defining Success

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Defining Success

Success is many things to many people. Worldbook defines success as a favorable result or wished for ending through the achievement of goals. That is, if one attains a desired goal through achievement, he would be considered a success. However, a successful character, cannot be produced from one successful feat. The true indicator of success is not what is accomplished, but what is felt. In order to be successful, one must be happy.

For example, if a person looks back on his career and feels satisfied and happy with his status, he would be considered a success. However, if he looks back and realizes he could've attained much more and feels disappointed, he would not be successful. Success is directly proportionate to happiness. Without it, there cannot be success. Success can also be reached by achievement of goals. In order to accomplish a goal, one must accomplish smaller goals that lead up to the main achievement. For instance, if a football team achieved its aim to win their district and the state championship, they would be successful. On the other hand, if the team set out to have a winning record, and failed, the season would not be considered successful.

Success, no matter how big or small the goals are, can only be grasped through the attaining of those goals. Success must also be sought after. For anyone to have success, they must fight and strive for it. If a secretary of a large corporation worked her way up the ladder through hard work and sacrifice, she would be a success. On the other hand, if a secretary had a friend who got her a job at the top, she would not be looked upon as a success. There must be a desire for improvement and a commitment to achieve success. It cannot be handed out or paid for. If a student worked hard on homework, read the material, and did well on the test, they would be successful. The desire to…...

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