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Demonstrative Communication
Salim E. Underwood
University of Phoenix
Business Communications and Critical Thinking
January 19, 2014

Demonstrative communication is the method of delivering a message through signals such as eye communication, body language, voice sounds, facial appearance and a lot more. It could have a certain or uncertain view for the receiver or the sender.
Body language can be very effective. It is use in individual conversation and also in professional settings. For instance many businesses use their disguise personal assistant to watch the applicant that come to job interviewers by watching they body language. A sturdy shake can decide someone’s capabilities and how positive they are about themselves. When you have an interview the interviewer will observe eye contact because the applicant body language will show his degree of confidence. By just observing how someone relate with others one can come up with the final say so that this person is friendly and can get along with others. How individuals portray themselves is very important because, like they say action speak louder than word. Confident body language can change the way other see you. While listening to a speech body language can make a person seem worthy or boring.
Sometime demonstrative communication can be engaged in a negative way, by both the sender and the receiver, occasionally in a method of passing data from one person to the following person and from one location to another by recognizing the sender’s purpose, understanding the body of the message, and acting upon it to be willing to establish an agreement. Communication begins with the sender, who must arrange the message clearly and precise, by using right words and punctuation. This is an important move for the sender because when he/she talks fast or slow, his/her words can get confused, then this…...

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