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The researchers cite studies in which more educated people are more likely to join groups, register to vote, etc. and less likely to do anti-social activities such as giving the finger. There are many interesting implications from this idea that education affects socialization, which in turn, promotes democracy
The researchers also find that established democracies are more likely to survive if the population is more educated.
" Learning should be democratised in practice, there should be openness in the field of education!" The question is how do we begin getting to this point pragmatically without theorising too much around what needs to be done ?

Democracy is typically represented as a system of voting and representation, or as instantiated through a set of rights, such as 'freedom of speech', etc. To my mind, though, these represent an emphasis on process rather than underlying principle.

A society is more democratic when a person has more power to govern his or her own life as he or she sees fit.
"a system of society and learning where each person is able to rise to his or her fullest potential without social or financial encumberance, where they may express themselves fully and without reservation through art, writing, athletics, invention, or even through their avocations or lifestyle.

"Where they are able to form networks of meaningful and rewarding relationships with their peers, with people who share the same interests or hobbies, the same political or religious affiliations - or different interests or affiliations, as the case may be."

The answer to the practical question, "how do we begin getting to this point pragmatically," leads to a need to enumerate the principles and practices that will lead to this result. To my find, there are four such principles, each with wide-ranging and practical implications. * Wherever possible,…...

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