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One of the responsibilities for a Project Manager is to refine the WBS into further detail developing the baseline schedule and define the Schedule Management Plan. The initial WBS, developed during the Concept Development Phase, will define specific work activities; activities sequence, estimate resources, and estimate duration that will need to complete the project. The refined WBS will be used to develop an initial, baseline schedule. The Schedule Management Plan establishes the specific procedures for how the project schedule will be managed and controlled and is as detailed as necessary to control the schedule through the life cycle based on the size, risk profile, and complexity of the project. The Project Manager should consider the six schedule management processes described below in the development of the schedule baseline and the Schedule Management Plan. The development of the schedule baseline will involve activity definition, activity sequencing, activity resource estimation, and activity duration estimation. The Schedule Management Plan should be focused on the methods for controlling the schedule.

Define Activities – identification of the specific work activities that need to be performed to complete the project. Although preliminary activity definition begins in the Concept Development Phase, this definition is further refined during the Planning Phase to ensure that all activities are defined in detail. The Planning Team creates a more detailed WBS, develops an initial, baseline project schedule and describes the proposed process for how the baseline schedule will be maintained and monitored in the Schedule Management Plan.

Sequence Activities – identification of WBS dependencies and order among activities. Identify and document the logical relationships among schedule activities.

Estimate Activity Resources – estimation of the type and…...

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