Destruction as a Hobby

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Destruction as a Hobby
Shytanna Womack
Everest University Online
Introduction to Terrorism – 9
Instructor Ian Finley
February 1, 2014

DESTRUCTION AS A HOBBY 2 Terrorism has some appealing attributes as an instrument of war because it lets the less dominant units or nations to retaliate at the dominant units. Some terrorist groups cannot do serious damage against the United States in a bona fide war. The United States is the largest country there is so therefore the other countries do not have enough soldiers or enough money that’s needed to develop a proper military regimen that is solid enough to destroy the United States ( The same applies to several nations of the world. Terrorism becomes very appealing because it lets the terrorists achieve something that they could not achieve through any traditional measures.
As for whether terrorism will become “the accepted method” of warfare, this depends on how the situation is looked at. Terrorism has been the technique of warfare that is generally accepted by pathetic groups as a way of fighting tough groups ( In that sense, it already is “the accepted method” of warfare for the weak and pathetic. Nonetheless, if we are speaking about the beliefs of the nation as a whole, terrorism is not likely to become ethically suitable. Terrorism causes too many fatalities among guiltless inhabitants for it to become ethically suitable to the huge mass of individuals.
Terrorism will remain popular and accepted among weak groups and some weak countries because it allows them to hurt whomever they feel like hurting or terrorizing.…...

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