Devastating Water Shortage in California

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Devastating Water Shortage in California

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Devastating Water Shortage in California

Imagine lush green grass everywhere, trees full of life, birds singing, butterflies dancing, lovely flowers blooming year round, surfers headed to the beach to catch a wave, and the smell of fresh cut grass. Doesn’t this paint a perfect place? This is the view when you drive around Southern California. However, California is experiencing the biggest water drought in California's history contributing to severe water shortage. You surely wouldn't know this is happening if you came for a visit. It is time for the residents of California to take off their rose-colored glasses and see the seriousness of the water shortage. They need to educate themselves on how to conserve water and learn to apply some of the techniques into their daily lives.

It is estimated that California residents will run out of water within the next twelve to eighteen months if no one takes action right now. California is in the third year of this devastating water drought, and there seems to be no weather related relief in sight. There are many time-consuming and costly solutions to fix this ongoing water shortage, but these solutions will take years. Building a new aqueduct, accessing new water resources, and converting saltwater to usable water will make an impact and help the water shortage further down the road. Farmlands are drying up in the north, making the land unable to grow food. Reservoir lakes being used as a quick fix are now starting to dry up. At this point, it is up to the residents of California to conserve water daily or face the reality of having no water at all.

Knowledge is power, and California residents need to learn ways to conserve water. One myth that scares residents away is…...

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